Global Adoption of Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

The compelling benefits of SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) architectures are catching the attention of companies around the world. SD-WAN offers application-awareness combined with increased performance, flexibility, and simplicity when compared to fundamentally more expensive legacy WAN technologies.

MSSP Alert: NC County Stops Cyberattacks After Refusal to Pay Ransomware

Mecklenburg County in North Carolina has no patience for cyberattacks. And they proved that when they recently refused to pay $23,000 in ransomware. According to an article from MSSPAlert, county officials refused to pay the ransom and experienced additional cyberattacks. ...

SophosLabs: a look at 5 Ransomware as a Service (Raas) kits

A SophosLabs investigation into 5 RaaS kits

Executive Insights: Fighting Automation with Automation

The proliferation of online devices accessing personal and financial information, the adoption of virtualized and multi-cloud environments, and the growing connection of everything - from armies of IoT devices and critical infrastructure in cars, homes, offices, and industry, to the ...

Three of the Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges Facing the Education Sector

Educational institutions have become regular targets for cybercriminals. In fact, the education sector accounted for 13 percent of data breaches in the first half of 2017, resulting in the compromise of around 32 million records. One of the top reasons ...

Assassination Threats Demand Bitcoin Ransom

Assassination Threats Demand Bitcoin Ransom Processing over a billion messages a month we tend to see the good, bad, and ugly email of the internet. It's pretty rare a message will raise our eyebrows or fall into a "disturbing" category, ...

Innovation Insights: Defending Today’s OT Environments

The transition to hyperconnected networks, such as smart cities and connected utility services, is driving the convergence of IT, OT, and IoT networks. To successfully defend these integrated networks, organizations need an architecture that scales across the entire infrastructure to ...

Connected Public Safety vs. Criminal Justice Information Security: How Multi-factor Authentication Weighs In

Policing is an inherently dangerous job, but the more information officers have, the safer they and the public will be.    To effectively combat crime and larger threats such as cybercrime and radicalization, law enforcement agencies are coming to understand ...

The right information can protect your firm

Cybercriminals Confess: The Top 5 Tricks, Sneaky Schemes And Gimmicks They Use To Hack Your Computer Network The contemporary world is rife with digital thieves. They’re penetrating the complicated data structures of huge credit-monitoring companies like Equifax, scooping up the ...

Threat Bars Lowered, Danger Raised: Using FortiClient to Address This New Security Dynamic

Fortinet is not standing still in the face of the rapidly changing threat environment. Recently, we added some significant new technologies to the latest iteration of FortiClient, our endpoint protection product. For example, FortiClient now includes an Anti-Exploit Engine that ...


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