When combining our proven security methods, technical expertise of the SpartanTec, Inc team and the working knowledge of your IT team, we work together to create an advantageous partnership to increase productivity and improve your security. We proactively look for anomalous behavior that could potentially harm your organization by utilizing SIEM technology and actual hands-on technical review by an Engineer.

Q. Would you be able to look at my policies and make changes? – Yes! It’s one of the functions of the Fortinet Firewall Co-Managed service. We frequently review the configuration and make recommendations to streamline and improve rulesets as needed.

Q. Can I still access my firewall if it’s under your management? – Yes! Even though we are managing the firewall policies, subscriptions, and services for your Fortinet firewall, it is still your device. You retain full access to the Firewall, and all of its features.

Q. Will you make any major changes before letting me know? – No. SpartanTec, Inc. will never make any major change to your Fortinet firewall without your direct permission first.

Q. What model firewall does your Fortinet Management work on? – Our Fortinet management works on any Fortinet FortiGate firewall device (60E, 501E, 2201E, etc).

Q. Do you have an SLA? – Yes, we will provide you with our service level agreement (SLA) as part of the engagement process.  Our firewall management team hold Fortinet certifications and will handle emergency issues as needed in a 15 minute response time.

Q. Do you Upgrade and Monitor my firewalls? – Yes. We provide firewall Myrtle Beach SC upgrades, configuration management, and daily general maintenance. As part of our service, we utilize a SIEM to correlate and aggregate logs so we can get timely, actionable information needed for rapid response to threats and breaches.

Q. If we use you for firewall management, can you also help us with renewal and new devices? – Yes, our sales team can assist with any renewals and replacement devices.  SpartanTec, Inc. is a certified Fortinet reseller and will give you a very competitive price and guarantee excellent customer service.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SpartanTec, Inc. now.


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