Many businesses find it challenging to keep up with technology. Business owners and IT Managers must determine the best method to keep their network infrastructure safe from the latest cybersecurity exploits, and how to deploy regular vulnerability patches. What do you do for Hardware installation? Infrastructure maintenance? Has your business decided that on-premise is the best solution for you? Or have you gone “to the cloud”? SpartanTec can help with troubleshooting, problem solving, and planning for your business’s future needs.

Managed IT Services

IT Managers love SpartanTec for our Co-Managed IT Services and IT Projects. We make them look like heroes (ask us to send you testimonials on our Contact Us page!), saving the day by helping you keep your department within deadline and within budget. It’s guaranteed… What IT Manager doesn’t like guarantees? SpartanTec has unusually high customer service satisfaction. We’re careful in Project Management, rolling out projects we are confident that are going to end up satisfying our customers.

Co-Managed IT Services

Business owners love us too. We specialize in small and mid-size businesses, so sometimes business owners are the IT Managers and use us for our Managed IT Services. It’s not typical that a business owner comes to us with a solid technology infrastructure plan that they want to have put into place. First we have to develop a relationship with them, and demonstrate through working on an IT project that we have the skills and know-how. When we answer the phone with a human, and are responsive to helping through the ticketing process, the scales are generally tipped in our favor.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Security is key. Prepare for the inevitable. We’ve all had power outages. Whether it’s from a hurricane, an ice storm, or vehicle accident that hits a power pole, our businesses are down and we are not in control over when we are back to business. Small businesses fail at planning ahead with business continuity plans. Like Zero Day events, we are left scratching our heads wondering why we got so caught up in the every day life of our jobs that we didn’t put together a Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution? SpartanTec, Inc. can share with you what we’ve done for other companies to ensure that they are able to recover from events that cause our businesses to go down. There’s a plan that fits small and medium businesses but is robust enough to scale for enterprise businesses as well.


Location location location! We’ve all heard that about real estate, location matters. The same holds true in technology. SpartanTec takes care of your IT assets so you get all of your office space for business needs, not computing needs. Computing needs can be virtualized so you no longer need to plan for where the servers are going to go. Security is key. We handle ensuring your network is even more secure than it was before you implemented a virtualized infrastructure.

Email/Spam Protection

Small businesses are constantly targeted by hackers. It’s the small business that has the mentality of “it’ll never happen to me” that don’t realize or don’t want to know “…the most frequent threat is actually to “small and medium sized businesses”. The big names hit the news reports so business owners and IT managers can sometimes feel comfortable in their smaller size thinking they aren’t being targets for ransomware, malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. Just one phishing email that makes it through to an unwitting employee or contractor and your network could be compromised.

Managed Firewall

SpartanTec, Inc.’s Managed Firewall Service provides proactive administration of your firewall infrastructure. SpartanTec, Inc.’s certified security experts will perform all activities necessary to keep these devices operating at peak performance including:

  • Site assessments
  • Firewall policy design, equipment installation and configuration
  • Firewall monitoring and management
  • Comprehensive reporting and emergency response

Office 365 & Cloud Migration

Office 365 is often chosen for its workflow and data processes because of the versatile nature of its many applications. Plenty of other businesses prefer platforms such as GSuite, Box, DropBox, and other cloud file sharing and collaboration tools. Whether you are moving from cloud-to-cloud or server to cloud, SpartanTec has years of expertise handling migrations and can help you choose the best tool for your business.

Fortinet Co-Managed FAQ

When combining our proven security methods, technical expertise of the SpartanTec, Inc team and the working knowledge of your IT team, we work together to create an advantageous partnership to increase productivity and improve your security. We proactively look for anomalous behavior that could potentially harm your organization by utilizing SIEM technology and actual hands-on technical review by an Engineer.

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