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Phish Threat and Email Security

Phishing attack simulation and training for your end-users.


Intercept X Advanced Endpoint

Endpoint protection with artificial intelligence.


Even the most up-to-date security systems aren’t adequate enough if your employees aren’t equipped with the right knowledge. Only robust and ongoing security awareness training for employees can protect your business in the face of rapidly increasing and evolving cyberthreats. Our security awareness training programs are interactive and cover every learning gap to ensure your first line of cyber defense is ready to tackle any threat.


Find Out If You

Are On The Dark Web

Work From Home Security

Users need to be informed that even with BYOD they are at increased risk of attack, which could compromise even their personal information, data, and accounts. These measures are for their protection and the organizations.

“In a survey of more than 200 Threatpost readers, about half (52 percent) said that their organizations are mostly prepared, but still have groups of employees that present security challenges for work-from-home (WFH) strategies. Only 30 percent said they feel fully prepared to move to all-remote working.” – Threatpost

We must protect against cybercriminals that will exploit vulnerabilities and security gaps that can arise. Unprepared users and unsecured systems can quickly become conduits for malware and malicious activity. Time is of the essence, and security must be an integral element of any remote work strategy.