At SpartanTec, Inc., we understand that you rely on the Internet to keep your business running smoothly, and therefore need it to be highly available, secure, efficient and safe. Managed Firewall from SpartanTec, Inc. is a comprehensive firewall and security service that’s designed to protect your business’s network and systems, so using the Internet can be truly worry-free – and best of all, we’ll manage the entire solution for you.

Your Managed Firewall from SpartanTec, Inc. will allow “good” traffic to pass through your network and keep the “bad” traffic out, while continuously evolving to support your changing business needs.

Your Managed Firewall solution includes all this:

  • Web content filtering – control access to certain sites for increased employee productivity and security from inappropriate content
  • Hardware & software – upgrades are included, along with real-time updates to your security, spyware and virus content to keep out new threats
  • Total security – completely protect yourself from online dangers
  • Simplified management – get reporting of your network availability, blocked threats, backup, Internet usage and policy changes

Protect your business from online threats, before it’s too late.

SpartanTec, Inc. focuses on leading firewall technology. Our experts hold certifications and have deep experience managing this technology in all types of environments, from the simplest to the most complex.

Firewall logs are an extremely valuable source of security information. Our experts can identify malicious activity including previously unknown, zero-day attacks. Our experts also monitor your firewalls for performance and availability to ensure your business never goes offline.

Service Features

  • Rule set changes and validation
  • Configuration changes
  • Firewall upgrades
  • Patch management
  • General maintenance
  • Backup and recovery
  • Firewall configuration backup
  • Performance and availability management
  • Strategic network planning
  • Fault analysis
  • Daily event and alert monitoring
  • On-demand and scheduled reports
  • Quarterly firewall configuration review
  • Network Diagram overview

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