Keeping up with technology has never been easier

Access to the most up-to-date and high-performance software is essential for running a successful business. Don’t let the high prices associated with keeping up with technological advances force your company to compromise.

With Hosted Solutions from SpartanTec, Inc., you can avoid the expense of purchasing, licensing and hosting your own applications by allowing us to host the applications and software for you.

Hosted Solutions from SpartanTec, Inc. offer:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – to ensure the reliability and safety of your emails
  • Custom Application Hosting – a tailor-made service and support system for your individual business needs
  • Web Hosting – web design services to help you achieve your goals; from site development and planning to execution, maintenance, and site hosting.

By letting SpartanTec, Inc. manage your applications and their hardware infrastructure, you’ll avoid high upfront costs and the ongoing management of IT services, allowing you to ease the pressures on in-house IT resources.

Opt for Hosted Solutions from SpartanTec, Inc. and we’ll provide you with the latest technology solutions without the hassle.

Find out how we can make your business more efficient, streamlined and profitable.

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