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What Happens If Your Customers Data Ends Up On The Dark Web?

The Boom of Managed IT Services

Why are business owners drawn to managed IT services business model? What are they expecting to get from it? According to research, the reason clients opt for such services aren’t necessary the reasons that most people think. Business owners are searching for a range of advantages if they choose a managed services model and what they would like are as follows:

  • Enhance the dependability and efficiency of their IT operations
  • Improve their compliance and security
  • Proactive maintenance method
  • Affordability and good ROI
  • Allow IT staff to focus on strategic projects
  • Have wider access to innovative technologies
  • Insufficient in house IT capabilities for specific functions.
  • Moving capital expenses to operating expenses
  • Manageable costs and predictable prices

Reliable and Efficient IT Operations

This is among the primary reasons that companies with more than 100 workers choose managed IT services. Generally, these companies have problems with overburdened IT staff or insufficient number of employees who possess the skills and knowledge to deal with certain tasks and take care of the entire network on their own. By outsourcing IT to SpartanTec Inc., you will have an extra team of IT experts who can help fix any concern or issues. You will also have access to the greatest and latest technology and top of the line business grade services that will help maximize profitability and uptime.

Putting Together An Effective IT Strategy

Although executing any one of these aspect of IT into your company can surely help, if they’re not done in accordance to an overall IT strategy then the results won’t be what you wanted, which means less efficiency, more problems, and higher costs.

An IT strategy that’s made by an managed service provider or MSP will offer coherence between the various aspects of a company’s IT, together with appropriately documented plans as well as procedures which:

  •       Offer efficient resolutions to problems whenever issues come up
  •       Provide a clear set of goals for every element achieving overall business objectives

What Are the Benefits of a Co-Managed IT Solution?

IT has emerged as the back bone of various businesses in the Wilmington NC area. From small government consulting companies with a list of remote experts, to an ever growing list of defense as well as technology firms, a fully functional corporate IT infrastructure is now essential to businesses of different sizes.

When talking about managing corporate IT, the majority of firms opt to either get an in-house professionals or team of professionals, or outsource this to an experienced IT vendor like SpartanTec, Inc. in Wilmington. Although these two approaches are amongst the most common, a brand new and hybrid approach referred to as co-management provides a number of different advantages.

Co-management allows firms that have an in-house IT staff to reinforce their inhouse resources with external expertise. The most typical situations wherein firms go for a co-managed IT approach are as follows:

  1. The in-house IT staff concentrates on strategic, high level IT problems and planning, and requires support for daily tasks like helpdesk services, troubleshooting, data backups, and so on.
  2. The in-house IT staff can do the daily tasks but needs external advice about the overall IT strategy of the company.
  3. A company has gone into a fast paced growth phase and requires scaling up its IT services so it could support its internal growth.
  4. Firms have a well developed, in-house IT staff at the location of their headquarters but require a dependable solution for remote branch locations.

The Importance Of Cybersecurity

Why did cybersecurity become so important all of a sudden? Before, it was just something that tech savvy people worry about. In the corporate world, it was a task that was left to the IT department. Other believed that as long as their firewalls, anti-virus software, and encryption tools were set up and working, they could simply hand over their IT security to professionals and  concentrate on running their business.

Now, you are most likely aware that cybersecurity is not something that you can ignore. Unless you totally conceal yourself from the world’s media, you should know that hacks as well as data breaches always affect firms of different sizes. Usually, these incidents are massive enough to make the news, which causes irreparable damage to the firms involved.

Do More Than Just Install Anti-Virus

Anti-virus software is an integral part of the IT security methods that you need to have. But relying on that alone is not enough to protect you from today’s online threats. Technical teams require several other tools, solutions, and resources, and a few of them are quite costly. But, they are less likely to be as expensive as the price of clearing up after an online breach.

Don’t wait for a security breach to happen. Find yourself a reliable team of IT experts who can help you set up safety protocols to improve your cybersecurity.

Firewall Protection

Generally speaking, a computer firewall is a kind of software program that works by preventing unauthorized access from or to a private network. Firewalls are considered as tools that could help enhance computer security including those that are connected to a network like the internet or LAN. Firewalls are an important part of an extensive network security framework.

A firewall will isolate the computer from the internet through the use of a wall of code that check every individual packet of data when it arrives at either firewall’s sides – outbound or inbound from your computer – know if it will be blocked or allowed to pass.

Firewalls can further improve the security of your computer by allowing granular control over what kinds of system processes and functions have access to the networking resources. Firewalls could use different kinds of signatures as well as host conditions to deny or allow traffic. Even though they seem complicated, firewalls are quite easy to install, setup, as well as operate.

Many people believe that a firewall is a device that needs to be installed on a network and it will control the traffic that moves through the network segment.

But, it is also possible to have firewalls that are host based. This could be done on the units themselves, like with ICF or Internet Connection Firewall. Generally, the work of these two firewalls is the same. They prevent intrusion and offer a strong way of accessing control policy. In simple terms, firewalls are nothing but a unit that protects your computer.

What Is The Job Of A Firewall?

Firewalls do the following things:

  • Validate access
  • Protect resources
  • Control and manage network traffic
  • Report and record events
  • Work as an intermediary

Call SpartanTec, Inc. and learn more about managed firewalls from our team of experts.

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