A Guide To Managed IT Services


managed IT services

With more and more employees working from home, utilizing managed IT services is more imperative than ever.

The process of replacing or updating business management functions with the help of a third party professional or company is called managed services. Over the past decade, this type of IT solution have expanded especially within the IT sector. Such services generally include managing technologies like the telephony, core network, and data center. Others offer IT maintenance tasks like break/fix as well as patch management.

What Is A Managed Service Provider?

Often called as an MSP, a managed service provider is a company that owns and manages a service or technology remotely, and permits the use of that service or technology to a client through a subscription.

The Expansion Of The Market

Managed services Columbia SC continue to rise in popularity. It grew about 2.7% back in 2017 and it is expected to grow as much as $257.84 billion by 2022. There is a consistent demand for such kind of services, MSPs are making significant investments in their infrastructure to make sure quality and cutting edge services are provided to customers.

Why Use MSPs?

information securityAlthough it isn’t a one size fit all solution, MSPs provide a clear solution to different challenges that be faced by companies of different sizes. These challenges include high hardware costs, increasingly specialized technologies, opportunity costs of regular maintenance, scarcity of qualified staff, and cost of qualified IT staff.

Common Complaints

MSPs provide an affordable and convenient way of helping businesses run smoothly. But in an effort to maximize profits, while they reduce their own resource investment, a lot of MSPs have opted for shortcuts.

Inflexible programs – there are a few service providers that create fixed program specifications at the expense of their clients. Flexibility, in some cases, is the reason why clients need such services to begin with.

Low touch customer service – with strict communication mediums, there are a few MSPs that could automate access to actual professionals.

Are All MSPs The Same?

Just like the car industry, there is an MSP for all kinds of customers. With different technologies, brands, performance needs, and sizes, there would always be options. But picking out the appropriate MSPs all comes down at the kinds of services you would like and the project’s scope. But you should also remember that there are three types of MSPs including NextGen, advanced and traditional.

Traditional Services – idea for break/fix support like network failures or interruptions.

Advanced Services – provide proactive services to determine potential problems before they happen and keep the network from failing.

NextGen Services – it is the natural evolution of the industry. It is driven by the constant demand for better customer service, customizable program, and strong relationships with their MSPs in Columbia. It wants to understand every client, gain insight on performance indicators and business goals, resources, and core technologies.

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