Instagram User Information May Have Been Available To Hackers

Do you have an Instagram account? If so, be advised that David Stier (a business consultant and researcher for CNET) has recently discovered a flaw in Instagram's website that exposed thousands of ...

What Is Grayware?

We are not referring to the ancient Greek pottery but rather one of the most alarming issues in internet security these days. What is ...

Quick and Easy Guide to Email Drip Campaigns for Small Businesses

Let’s face it—nurturing sales leads can be a tedious, unrewarding process. Wouldn’t it be so pleasant if at least some of ...

What Managed IT Services Is And Why You Should Care?

In today’s constantly shifting technological landscape, where fresh viruses and the new security patches designed to protect against them arrive by the week, it takes a proactive approach to stay abreast of ...

Twitter Will Soon Release New Features With Update

Twitter recently announced the addition of a new "Hide Replies" feature, which will give the platform's users a bit more control over conversations that stem from the tweets they make. Twitter Senior ...

Driver In Some WiFi Devices Could Allow Hackers Access

You almost certainly do not know the name Hugues Anguelkov.  He's an intern working for Quarkslab, where he spends his time researching potential security issues. He's also a bit of ...

Social Security Scam Cases See Major Increase

Over the last few years, the number of social security related scams rose significantly. The figures have grown at an alarming rate, ...

Larger Companies In The Crosshairs of Ransomeware Attackers

If you’re not familiar with what ransomware is, you should – especially if you have a business that you look after. In ...

Number Of Data Breaches Hit Record High In 2018

2018 saw a lot of hacking incidents. So much that it broke the previous year’s records. The same could be said in ...

Open Source Office Applications Put Users At Risk

Since the introduction of open source office applications a few years ago, people have been making the switch from Microsoft Office. There ...


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