When considering the differences between high-quality, dependable IT support and lackluster alternatives, what factors truly set them apart? Is it merely pricing structures or the promise of flat-fee services? At SpartanTec, we contend that several key indicators differentiate exceptional providers from the rest. Yet, upon hearing feedback from clients who transition to our services from previous providers, a recurring theme emerges: they didn’t know they had bad support; they just didn’t know what good support was.

In today’s discussion, we’re outlining ten hallmark practices consistently observed among top-tier IT service providers. It’s time to move beyond enduring tech headaches and substandard service, which may inadvertently jeopardize your company’s operations and security. Distinguished IT providers typically demonstrate the following:

  1. Live answer from a real person during emergencies: Immediate availability during crises is paramount. Clients expect live assistance or a response within 30 minutes, recognizing the urgency of the situation.
  2. Accessibility and responsiveness for routine inquiries: A provider’s ease of access and responsiveness to non-urgent matters signify their commitment to comprehensive support. Client satisfaction and prompt issue resolution should be evident.
  3. Provision of after-hours support: Beyond standard business hours, reputable IT companies ensure continuous availability for urgent matters, acknowledging the varied schedules of clientele.
  4. Proactive network monitoring: Effective providers employ proactive monitoring to anticipate and address potential issues, they should be contacting YOU with proposed solutions and updates.
  5. User-friendly customer support systems: A customer-centric approach is exemplified through streamlined ticketing systems that facilitate efficient issue resolution and client communication.
  6. Robust cybersecurity planning and implementation: Can you easily “open a ticket” in their IT management portal? The ticketing system should make it easy to submit requests.
  7. Transparent billing practices: Do you know exactly what you’re getting for your money? This problem shows up in one of a few ways. The most common thing we see is a client being charged a flat fee, but they have no idea what that service includes. Can they get help with their printer? How about sourcing new computers? What’s extra? You deserve to know.

Another issue is overcharging for a level of support that doesn’t reflect the price tag.         Important: expensive support does not necessarily mean the service is better!

A common problem we hear about is when businesses hire an IT company because they offer a very low price and then end up ‘nickel and diming’ their clients for every small request to make up for the bottom-feeder price they’re charging.

When choosing an IT provider, make sure they’re willing to be 100% transparent about costs, so you always know where your money is going.

  1. Comprehensive insurance coverage: Responsible providers carry adequate insurance coverage, including cyber liability and errors and omissions policies, safeguarding clients against unforeseen liabilities.
  2. Rigorous backup testing: Routine testing of data backups ensures data integrity and readiness for restoration in the event of system failure or data loss.
  3. They get projects done on time and on budget: If your IT provider is constantly tacking on fees or delaying projects, it’s time to switch. Great IT providers accurately estimate project timelines and work hard to stick as closely to the schedule and budget as possible. Things can and will go wrong from time to time, but they should be quickly communicated with proposed solutions.

It’s time to demand more than subpar IT service. If you seek trustworthy and reliable support, we invite you to explore our complimentary Security Risk Assessment. Our team of experts stands ready to alleviate your network-related concerns and provide tailored optimization strategies, cybersecurity insights, and recommendations for enhancing your business technology infrastructure.

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