image shows laptop in tax preparer office supported by SpartanTec, Inc in Myrtle Beach SC

While a Managed IT Solutions contract may be overkill for a one-person, work-at-home business, it certainly is a smart move for any business with 5 or more networked computers, laptops and connected devices.

A professional Managed IT Solutions agreement will be tech umbrella services ranging from operating systems updates, monitoring the health of your computers and locking out cyber criminals through sound cybersecurity practices.

Here are 7 reasons why small businesses need professional tech support contracts:

  1. Increased efficiency: IT support services can help streamline technology systems and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for the business.
  2. Improved security: A good IT support service can provide the necessary security measures to protect the business’s sensitive data and information from cyber threats.
  3. Cost savings: IT support services can help small businesses save money by reducing the need for in-house IT staff and by providing expert support at a lower cost than hiring full-time employees.
  4. Enhanced competitiveness: With the right technology systems in place, small businesses can better compete with larger businesses and improve their chances of success. This is particularly important to note since business has moved online and away from brick and mortar settings.
  5. Technical expertise: IT support services provide small businesses with access to a wide range of technical expertise, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and remain competitive in their industry. The vast majority of small business owners just don’t have the in-house tech skills, nor do they have a budget for a full-time IT person.
  6. Peace of mind: IT support services can give small business owners peace of mind, knowing that their technology systems are in good hands and that any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Computer downtime results in office downtime with paid employees’ work idled by technical problems.
  7. Scalability: IT support services can help small businesses scale their technology systems as they grow, ensuring that they are always equipped to handle new challenges and opportunities. We’ll think ahead for you and give you the answers as you need them.


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