co-managed IT servicesWhen it comes to the technology plan or managed IT services that your business needs, a one-size-fits-all or a cookie-cutter approach isn’t what most businesses need. A proven process should be set in place if you want your business to move forward. A reliable firm, like Spartantec, Inc.,  will work with your company’s in-house IT team to address certain concerns during the proprietary business and onboarding process review.

This involves the following:

  1. Evaluating your business cybersecurity plan and network infrastructure  against the industry standards
  2. Identifying technology risks and determining business impact
  3. Concentrating on sequencing top priorities that address business risks
  4. Prioritizing IT initiatives that support the goals of your business

All these information will then be used to create recommendations, which will be provided during the consultation. After that, our IT professionals will create a plan, budget, and roadmap from comprehensive onboarding and business process. We will also take into account suggested business intelligence solution, application integration and selection, advisement and strategy, industry compliance and security, remediation plan, cybersecurity action, business continuity solutions, and disaster recovery.

With a co-managed IT service, we will improve your internal IT department. The model used for the co-managed IT services will overlay the tested and proven procedure onto your existing IT structure. Our experts will work with your tech team to create a technology plan that is aligned with your specific business and assist in managing your daily IT operations, where you can make the most out of your investment.

Co-managed IT solutions generally include:

  1. cloud computingContinual standards alignment and dedicated network administration
  2. Development of an effective technology strategy
  3. Preventative maintenance for the network as well as the end-point environment
  4. Managed end-point security
  5. Escalation support for your in-house IT-department
  6. Cloud computing
  7. Backup and disaster recovery
  8. Data and IT security

Do you have an internal IT team? Are you confident they are able to handle all of todays security challenges? If you have any doubt, call SpartanTec, Inc. to learn more about how your company will benefit from co-managed IT services.

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