IT services Myrtle Beach SCDo you want to be proactive? You should consider getting IT services Myrtle Beach SC.

Being proactive will help you to not waste your time and technology.

While technology can be useful for many reasons, we believe that one thing your IT endeavors must always do is save time. It seems that there are never enough hours in a day.

Good technology should help you get things done quickly and share your workload, so it flows seamlessly and is well spent.

Sometimes technology can just waste your time.

Proactive IT Services

It is best to prevent problems from arising in the first place. In our years of being in business, we have seen many IT issues. Instead of fighting them every day, we develop proactive solutions to stop them from ever happening.

SpartanTec, Inc. uses best practices that we have developed in the past to ensure you do not suffer. To minimize interruptions and catch problems before they become serious, we offer 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. We can focus our efforts on improving your efficiency and productivity, so we spend more time focusing our attention.

Plan for the Problems You’ve Never Seen

We save every solution to an IT problem that we have solved for our clients. This allows us to share our knowledge with everyone and prevents many problems from causing disruption for clients.

We will analyze your entire system to find solutions and prevent problems from arising.

Even though we may not be able to prevent all problems, we have a lot of experience with them and can help you deal quickly with any issues that arise.

So that our services are reliable and efficient, we recommend only using products and technologies we know. We can share more information the better we are able to.

Technology Maintenance at its Best

Regular maintenance is one of the most effective ways to prevent IT support issues from developing. Regular maintenance is as easy as checking in every once in a while, looking at the entire system, then making adjustments.

Your entire system is regularly inspected for possible problems,  so that your applications and systems run efficiently and are protected from possible threats, we implement the proper updates and upgrades.

Technology assessments are also planned for the future, in order to replace outdated technology before they disrupt your business.

Keep alert

Our proactive actions will prevent many problems. We’re good at what our do. However, we cannot stop every problem. We must be alert to IT problems as quickly as possible and ready to handle them.

We monitor your system remotely 24/7 so we are notified immediately if our tools detect a problem.

IT problems are often not detected and resolved quickly.

Remote support also makes it simple to resolve problems right away without ever having to visit your office.

Cloud Security

Safeguarding your data. Security is a key part of every cloud security strategy. SpartanTec, Inc. provides the stability and security your business needs, whether you use public hosting providers or a private platform for controlling proprietary data.

Our experts will work closely with you to determine the needs of your company and offer best-in class security, such as Identity and Access Management and high availability.

Office 365

It is crucial to choose the best email plan for your company. It is the foundation of all communication. It is the foundation of collaboration. It is the foundation of productivity. Microsoft Office 365 is a leading business email platform because of its powerful capabilities.

Office 365 allows companies of any size to increase productivity and reduce costs in a competitive market. We are an Office 365 provider and can assist you in optimizing this platform so that your company has the flexibility, reliability, security, and efficiency it needs.

Data Recovery & Backup

Keep a copy of your data.

This is a very simple idea, but it may be difficult to implement successfully, depending on the business. You might work with sensitive information or proprietary data. Compliance-driven data may be required. Or business content must be available from many locations. What can you do to protect your data from the day and even minutes?

Our team will work with you to determine mission-critical data, and then to create a backup plan that is in line with industry and company regulations. Remote backup and data security is possible, but you might need remote support. Let us help you choose the right path.

Business Continuity

Prepare for anything. You can quickly recover from any disruption in your network, business applications, or business process. A business continuity plan will help you prepare for the worst.

A down system, whether it is caused by man or not, can seriously impact customer orders, vendor commitments and revenue goals, as well as your reputation. Our team develops business continuity plans that help you get back in business.

SpartanTec, Inc. can help your company benefit from its expertise and ethical standards. Contact us now to find out how we can assist you. Call (843) 420-9760 to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment of your company’s systems or send us an email at

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