cybersecurity Myrtle BeachWith the emerging ware in Europe the potential for a cyber attack has increased. High impact and high profile criminal cybersecurity is becoming more common. The data breaches on the news usually involve big and global companies. This causes many people to believe that only large firms are at risk of online attacks. They have an incorrect assumption that cybercriminals these days always seek out massive financial payout or a large cache of confidential data. But the truth is that small and medium businesses are at risk, too.

Why are SMBs at risk of cyberattacks?

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, hackers who wish to get access to your network will make the most out of any vulnerable spots they can find. A single incorrectly secured or unprotected edge device could be all they have to access a whole system.

It is important to have a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity Myrtle Beach SC to keep hackers at bay. However, many smaller firm use a haphazard method when securing their physical systems. The take on disparate solutions for video surveillance and access control which places them at a much greater risk. And as they evolve or grow, they add new technology or cameras instead of finding the resources to create a strategic plan on how to upgrade their system securely. Therefore, it’s possible that they are unaware of possible attack points on their changing physical security network.

But with better awareness and training, SMBs could mitigate these mistakes. This will take a lot of commitment from the department heads and a good understanding of what is at risk. However, SMBs believe that cybercriminals won’t attack their network but the truth is they are at a greater risk of closing down their business once they fall victim to cyberattacks.

The Effects of Data Breach

The costs of the damages brought on by a cyberattack on global businesses can reach more into the millions. This figure may seem insignificant for multinational companies but for a small and medium business, this number means a significant financial burden. Aside from the containment and clean up costs, SMBs that collect PII or personally identifiable information may have to pay fines and follow required breach reporting within 72 hours of detecting the data breach.

How can SMBs Protect Their Networks?

Just like any company, SMBs can protect their networks by implementing solutions that are created with online security in mind. The systems they utilize must include methods of encrypting data, authenticating users, and authorizing access.

Encrypting data will help small and medium businesses protect the sensitive and private data on their network and improve the security of the communication between servers and clients. Once data is encrypted, it won’t be readable without the right key and it will become useless to people who have accessed it without permission.

One authorization capabilities are integrated into cybersecurity solutions, the administrators will be able to restrict the scope of activity in the company’s systems by providing specific access rights to individuals or groups for data, resources, or applications. Administrators can easily streamline the level of access provided to every individual.

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