SpartanTec is a business computer network and cybersecurity specialist in Myrtle Beach, SC serving businesses throughout South Carolina and coastal North Carolina. Don’t be lazy and use simple passwords. A strong password is a critical component in cyberdefense at home or at the office.

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Never use easy passwords!

True life story. Owner of a manufacturing firm was alerted that his business computer network server was under attack by a computer department in a North Korean university. The local FBI office was given computer logs showing the activity and started to investigate. The owner was warned not to touch anything while the investigation was underway.

The following week he brought his wife in as office administrator. She said she couldn’t recall the complex network password and changed it to her daughter’s name and birthdate. One week later the network server was hacked, their customer and vendor data stolen and their manufacturing accounting and production software system damaged.

A weak password is the Achilles Heel in a cybersecurity defense system. One method hackers use to steal your password is a brute force attack. This means their hacking script attempts to randomly guess passwords and runs non-stop until it gets a match, and then stops. Game on.

How to create a strong password? You can use a free online password generator, if you’re convinced it’s not a trap set by a hacker. Best practice is to make your own using some simple techniques. For example, set your password to reflect a phrase you can remember and use capital and lower case letters, numbers and those special characters._

Example: phrase “I enjoy taking walks in the morning” turns into the password iEtwItM@730!_ The longer the password, the better.

Your passwords should not be stored on your computer unless you have a strong firewall policy in place. Talk to SpartanTec about this if you are not sure. Change your email and banking passwords regularly (minimum every 90 days or less). Lastly, don’t share them with any other person!

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