IT SupportTechnology is essential for businesses today. Technology plays an important role in every organisation, large or small. Technology is often the biggest investment in a company. You should invest in technology maintenance and IT support.

Professional IT support is needed in this situation. IT failure can have devastating consequences for your business. However, IT support can be used to prevent and resolve problems that arise as well as help with compliance.

Poor IT has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people found it easy to move to remote work. They already had the plans and technology in place. Others found it almost impossible, and even caused businesses to fail.

This article will discuss just a few reasons professional IT support is so important for your business.

Protection Against Cyber Crime.

While it is the attacks on large companies like Boots and Facebook that are the most talked about, it’s been revealed that nearly half of all businesses (46%) as well as 26% of charities have reported having suffered cybersecurity breaches or ransomware attacks within the past 12 months.

This means that 46 percent of the businesses that have suffered from attacks or breaches are now experiencing more issues than in 2020.

You might have some knowledge about cybersecurity and anti-virus software installed on your system. Do you know how to identify and avoid all types of malware and viruses? IT support teams can help protect your IT infrastructure from digital threats. In a world in which cybercrime is increasing, this is even more important.

Innovative Solutions for Tricky Problems

Your company might have systems that you are familiar with. What if it goes wrong? It’s not always possible to turn it back on and off again. How long can your system go without you? Will it affect your customers and your business?

Even if your software comes with customer support, it is a good idea to have an IT Support team available. They might be able to solve the problem faster than the support team at your software provider.

An IT support team such as SpartanTec, Inc., can analyze most technical problems and provide highly-skilled solutions.

cybersecurityData Storage, Management and Security

In May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) came into effect. This is a significant tightening in data protection regulations.

The biggest change was the increase in the amount that regulators can fine companies for not following the law.

The Bible Society, a charitable organization with an estimated half-million in turnover, was fined $100,000. The organization stored personal data in an insufficiently secure network. The ICO deemed this to be inappropriate remote access and made it accessible through an ‘easy-to guess’ password.

It’s high time that data protection is taken seriously.

IT Support teams are responsible for ensuring that your data is kept safe. They ensure that it is accessible, but only to those who are permitted to see it.

You could be storing sensitive data without the help of an IT professional. Giving access to someone without permissions. This is a serious issue in terms of data protection.

What to Look for in a Great IT Support Team

These tips will help you to build a team that is reliable and capable of delivering results for your business.

Resilience – When you rely on a system, and it goes wrong, you need it fixed quickly. You want a service that offers a guaranteed response time and multiple ways to contact them. You don’t want to be unable to contact your provider via email or chat if the internet goes down.

Cost – While cost shouldn’t be your number one priority, it will play an important role in your budget. Ask for multiple quotes and meet with the managed IT services provider. We recommend that you visit the provider or have the provider come to you. This will allow you to meet the people who will be looking out for you.

Be sure to verify that all quotes include the same items. You might need to pay more for extra services, such as onsite support, if the price is low. You should also be wary of providers that offer a lot more services than you need.

Knowledge – Ask your provider for information about their qualifications to maintain your systems. Ask about experience and the qualifications of engineers. What are the IT professionals doing to keep their staff current in a constantly changing world?

Flexibility – You should be able to modify your contract easily. Business changes are inevitable. You need an IT support provider who can adapt to your needs. If the service is good, they will not be reluctant to renew your contract.

Your IT systems are critical to your business, so make sure you have the right support. Contact SpartanTec, Inc. now for more information.

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