computer securityComputer security is often viewed as too complicated and technical by many people. It is actually quite simple if you look closely at the important points. How can you safeguard yourself? Continue reading.

These are some computer security tips you should know

Allow automatic updates

Every software that you use today is subject to different security problems. These issues are continuously being discovered, regardless of whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Microsoft Office or Windows. Many operating systems and programs today have automatic updates that fill in these security gaps. To update software, you don’t need to click or download anything. It will update itself automatically in the background, without you having to do anything. Some people may choose to disable this feature. You might not like Windows automatically restarting after installing an update or simply don’t want it. It is important to ensure that automatic updates are enabled if you want to protect your computer.

Anti-Virus and anti-Malware software should be used

Anti-virus software claims to be the best every few years. Some experts claim that anti-virus software is obsolete and not necessary. It is important to remember that you still need anti-virus software, even if your computer use is cautious. Windows Defender is fine, but you can also use similar software. Ask SpartanTec which anti-virus solution is right for you.

Automate Passwords with Better Security

Everyone knows passwords are important. However, many people ignore them. Use different passwords for each account. Hackers are all around and you could give someone access to your accounts if you use the exact same passwords. You should also use long passwords. LastPass is a good password manager.

Never leave your phone or computer unattended

Although this is a simple warning, it deserves to be noted. You should never leave your smartphone or computer unattended, especially when you’re in public. There is a high chance that your device will be stolen if you do. If it is stolen, the person who took it will have access your personal information.

Find out which links to click in emails

This is something you may have heard a lot about. Never open email from unknown sources. Emails that appear legitimate may contain malicious links. Phishing is the term used to describe this. Do not click on any links in email, especially those that point to sensitive sites such as your bank’s website. Even if the link was sent by friends, make sure you carefully examine it before clicking.

Take care when downloading and running programs

Computer security in Myrtle Beach is important. Be careful about what programs you download and run. Only use trusted and well-respected programs or those recommended by respected websites.

SpartanTec Inc. can help you to ensure that your computer, phone and network are safe from all possible and current threats.

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