cybersecurityAccording to a recent 60 Minutes interview, more and more of the workforce is opting to work remotely. This can leave a big gap in your cybersecurity network. Research and reports on the cybersecurity risks of hybrid or remote work continue to be published. A Tenable study found that 74% of companies attributed recent cyberattacks on their business to remote work.

The report was conducted by Forrester and it found that cloud services, apps, personal devices, and remote access tools have effectively eliminated security perimeters within organizations, leading to more cyberattacks and compromises as IT support managers struggle with managing the new technologies.

Today, 80% of security and business leaders believe that remote work has made their organization more vulnerable to risk. This is attributed to three factors, according to the survey:

  • lack of visibility into remote employees’ home networks
  • expansion of the software supply chain
  • migration to the cloud.

Cybersecurity and Remote Work

The research found that over half of remote workers access work data via a personal device. 71% of security officers lack adequate visibility into remote employee networks. This leads to cyber attacks targeting remote employees (67%)

Recent cyberattacks have also highlighted the increased use by threat actors of compromising third party software providers or leveraging vulnerability in those products. 65% of respondents to this survey link recent cyberattacks with those compromises.

The study found that while the cloud is generally viewed as more secure than the on-premises infrastructure in many cases, 80% of security and business executives told Tenable that they felt that moving business-critical functions to cloud increased their risk. 62% also reported that cloud assets were causing business-impacting attacks.

The survey found that at least two-thirds (or more) of IT security professionals plan to increase cybersecurity investment over the next two year. Nearly 75% of respondents cited vulnerability management and cloud security among their top priorities.

Amit Yoran (CEO of Tenable) stated that hybrid and remote work are not going away. Therefore, organizations must adapt to ensure their employees can be protected.

There are two ways forward. One is riddled by unmanaged risks and unrelenting hack attacks, and the other accelerates business productivity. CISOs and CEOs have the responsibility and opportunity to harness the power and manage cyber risks for the new world.

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