firewall protectionFirewall protection can help keep your computer safe from intruders like hackers whenever it is connected to the internet. It does this by checking the electronic data that comes in and out of your computer.  A good firewall offers protection from all those prying eyes. It prevents thieves as well as intruders from gaining access to your laptop, computer, server, or workstation. An excellent firewall can also offer protection to your computer against malicious worms.

Firewall Protection Against Identity Theft

A good firewall can help protect you from identity thieves. They are computer hackers who can find their way into vulnerable computers where they steal important files, tax records, credit card information, passwords, and reference or identification numbers. Remote thieves also exist and they are the ones who can hijack your computer system and send spam messages, or even plant computer viruses in your units.

What Can a Firewall Do?

To put it simply, a firewall can protect your computer from attack, scanning, or other similar types of intrusion made by hackers while they are connected to the internet. A firewall will check electronic data that comes in or out of a computer unit or a network and will compare it to the regulations that it has been provided. When the data matches the set rules, it will be allowed to pass. However, if it does not then the electronic data will be blocked. You may consider a firewall as a piece of software that can keep bad guys out of your unit or network and allow the good ones to get access.

According to research, a computer system that is not protected can be attacked in just a matter of minutes after starting to use the internet. That’s why it is very important to have a security software installed on your computer before you connect to the internet. If your computer is brand new and there is no internet security installed, it is suggested that you download and install one first along with the latest Windows updates and patches required for your computer to be secured before you start browsing the internet.

Is there anything that a firewall cannot do?

A firewall won’t give you the full security you need to make you completely safe when you are connected to the internet. It is one of the first lines of defense but it cannot protect you 100% on its own. That is why an internet security suite has other pieces of software too. A firewall cannot protect you from most viruses, spam messages, insufficiently configured Wireless Network, and installation of malware software.

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