IT securityHackers in movies are glamorous, no matter if they're heroes or criminals. These hackers are those who hack into hostile foreign government databases or megacorporations to find the key. They can either rescue the day or downgrade regimes, or empty the Federal Reserve's digital vault or disable all power plants. They always win against an impassable wall of IT security.

It's not that hard in real life. You might think hackers are similar to Hollywood's hacker counterparts. They have stolen data from Equifax and stolen millions of customer records. Hackers aren't always against big companies. They're often against small and mid-sized businesses. This doesn't usually involve hacking into any actual thing. Unwitting employees often leave the digital front door open, which is approximately 60% of the cases according to Harvard Business Review.

Your employees and not a group hackers are the greatest threat to your company's IT security . Here are the reasons.

1 They will fall for it because they don’t know better.

The proliferation of technology has brought an exponential increase in digital threats. These threats are so numerous and complex that it would be difficult for anyone to keep track. Your employees' lives can be a maze of passwords, online accounts interconnected and valuable data. Their inattention at any time can make them and your company more vulnerable. Cyber-attacks are most often due to lack of cybersecurity education.

2 They will let you hack on purpose.

A large percentage of cyber attacks stem from insiders of companies leaking data to malicious organizations. It doesn't matter if it's information that is vital to your competitive advantage, passwords they sell to hackers networks to make quick buck, or sensitive data they want to make public to spite your company, it's hard to protect against a double agent.

3 They will trust the wrong person.

Many hacks require very little code. Hackers are known for pretending to be a member of your team. You may be wrong to believe you can spot an impostor from miles away. It is easier than ever to hack individual user's login credentials and e-mail passwords. Personal information is also easily accessible via social media. A quick visit to Facebook will give hackers all the information they need to hack into your business.

4 They will miss red flags when surfing the internet.

Clickbait is not just a problem that plagues your social media accounts, it's a serious threat to your reputation. Clickbait can be used by hackers to lure victims. An employee who doesn't know what makes a link or site look suspicious could expose themselves and your company to browser exploits and other types of attacks.

5 They are terrible at passwords. reports that 3 out of 4 consumers have duplicate passwords. Many of these passwords have not been changed for five years or more. Even worse, weak passwords can allow unsavory elements easy access. Although many people ignore the importance of strong passwords and the dangers posed by passwords like "123456" and "password", it is important to remember that they can be easily accessed by unsavory elements.

It can seem impossible to secure your valuable assets from online threats. There is one thing you can do to improve your IT security: educate your employees. A comprehensive security program that includes examples of hacker methods, such as phishing, can dramatically reduce the chance of employees accidentally opening malicious e-mails or posting sensitive information. You are much less likely to get targeted if you all work together to protect your organization from cyber-attacks.

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