cloud computingYour business is in fierce competition. They'll eat your business alive if they catch up to you in the technology "arms race". Perhaps your network requires greater security. Perhaps you aren't taking advantage of cloud-based apps that allow your team to do more in a shorter time. The cloud computing is the new frontier in business today. It's much easier for competitors than you to know what's out there.

Here are four cloud computing tips to help you stay ahead.

Network Security

Network security or monitoring your network's devices in real-time is crucial to avoid cyber-attacks as they become more mobile and diverse. A network security tool that detects weak points and alerts you of potential threats is a good choice. It can use both software and hardware technologies. Today's environment requires a multitude of checkpoints, including access control and WiFi-intrusion monitoring.

How can you defend yourself against malware that defy your monitoring efforts? No antivirus program can be 100% "bulletproof" due to recent "fileless malware attacks. However, basic protection should cost around $40 per user.

You should look for features like email security and data loss prevention. It scans fast, consumes only a small space on your device, and may recover files encrypted by ransomware.


It can almost be as easy as giving your team steroids - if you give them the right cloud collaboration tools. There are many apps out there, so the challenge is to find the right one for you. Asana and Slack are top contenders. These apps and others can help improve efficiency in areas such as project and task management, team communications, collaboration, brainstorming, document processing, storage, and many more. Cloud collaboration means that you don't have to limit your ability to bring in talent from just your local area.

Contracts & Accounting

Monthly revenues can be affected by delays in submitting proposals and contracts. Are your sales people still asking customers for signatures and faxes? They're wasting precious time every day if they do. There's also the cost of managing and storing physical files. All of this adds up. So many companies use electronic signature apps like Adobe Sign, DocuSign and RPost. These apps allow you to sign important documents online and encrypt files. Some of these are court-approved, and they create an audit trail.

QuickBooks, a veteran in the industry, is now available online. Xero, meanwhile, can help you manage your books with relative ease. Both offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface and affordable pricing that includes a wide range of features. They can also be accessed remotely from any location, which allows for greater flexibility in your workforce.

Business Planning

Do investors need proof that your company is a strong investment? Tarkenton GoSmallBiz is the best all-in-one planning tool. It was created by Fran Tarkenton (NFL Hall of Fame quarterback) and is specifically designed for small businesses. It provides highly customizable, detailed data fields that can be customized to simplify your planning. This allows you to create financial statements or projections directly from the program without having to use external spreadsheets. You also have access to GoSmallBiz business-planning specialists who can help you improve your plans and make better proposals.

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