business continuity planningThere are different ways in which your company could be disrupted. Fire, natural disaster, cyberattack, and lately, the coronavirus pandemic. Disruption to businesses tend to strike that’s unexpected, which will leave companies with little time to plan. That’s why business continuity planning is important.

Business continuity planning, also called resiliency planning, involves the process of making systems that would protect your company from possible threats. The main goal of any business continuity planning is to allow your company to continue its operation during a business disruption. Every incident is unique and could lead into unexpected ways. And although we all hope for the worst would never take place, planning for things that are unexpected is a good idea. Your BCP will outline the processes that you need to follow, and are prepared to follow in case disruption happens. This plan will cover the procedures of your business, your human resources, assets, and partners. It’s also crucial to have disaster recovery plan in place.



Protect your Company by Protecting Your People

Your employees are the most important and valuable assets of your company. Their understanding, expertise, and hard work is how you serve your clients and how you keep your brand promise. So, if there is a risk to your well being, you need to set in place an effective business continuity plan to protect these individuals, while also allowing your company to function correctly during the disruption.

The BCP’s initial foundation should be a business impact analysis. It articulates, measures, and evaluates how an unforeseeable or foreseeable event would impact various aspects of your company as well as their ability to function at a level that’s acceptable. A BIA is also your first step to determining what areas of your company needs the most attention, because they are at the greatest possible risk, and which business functions can be reinforced or protected through intelligent utilization of IT outsourcing.

The coronavirus pandemic continue to affect economies, people, and businesses around the globe. Because of the uncertainty during these times, it’s crucial for you and your company to have a business continue plan in place and reliable IT support in case something wrong happens.

Steps For an Effective Business Continuity Planning

  • Evaluate the processes of your company. Find out what are the most vulnerable aspects of your business. Think about the effects if they become unavailable for an hour, day, week, or even months. This will help with your business impact analysis.
  • Determine the skill sets and how many people are required to maintain all business critical functions.
  • Create dependencies in between business functions.
  • Identify the acceptable business downtime, reduce service level thresholds, and alternate the security controls for every critical function.
  • Determine who every critical function would be maintained.

IT outsourcing could play a crucial role in your business continuity plan. Find a company like SpartanTec, Inc. that offers services that will help you create disaster recovery plans and assist you with critical IT functions. Your company can respond to unexpected situations faster if you plan before disaster happens.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now if you need the help of an IT team to help you come up with an effective business continue plan.

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