IT OutsourcingFor years, a lot of small businesses with 100 to 500 users have depended on in-house IT support to remain operational. When a user has a problem with an application or a device, they asked their IT staff to stop whatever they’re doing and fix the problem. Although inefficient, this method gave users a go-to option for their IT needs. But did you know that there’s a more effective option that’s beneficial to both the company and their users, it’s IT outsourcing?

The conventional shoulder tapping model used by IT support has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. When companies shut down and moved to remote work, the in-house IT professional was nowhere in sight. Apart from that, user questions, incidents, and problems increased, and several employees were not used to home based work. The in-house teams which are working remotely could not keep up with the rise in demand, because they lacked the process discipline and monitoring tools. They also depended on ad hoc fixes.



It also disrupted anti-virus updates, application lifecycle servicing, as well as routine hardware refreshes. Problems and incidents snowballed. Even though Zoom existed, collaboration tools were unable to reach their full potential, because user training programs were moved back to the back burner. Not only that, the risk profiles were heightened because of the neglect of the protocols involving cybersecurity. Cybercriminals have also upped their game during the coronavirus pandemic, which placed employees who handle sensitive data from their home offices at an increased risk.

IT Outsourcing Is The New Normal

These days, many companies are understanding that in-house IT support is no longer enough for the new normal where remote work takes on a more prominent role. While third-party outsourcing is a good option, looking for a model that will fit remains a challenge. Conventional enterprise outsourcing arrangements that are built on economies on the scale, as well as negotiated service agreements and T&Cs, are too costly for small clients and unprofitable for the providers. Meanwhile, the nerd-for-hire option lacked the resources, flexibility, and scalability required to deal with the complex technology needs of several small businesses.

An appropriate and effective IT outsourcing approach combines scalability, enterprise-level capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. It allows the maximizing of resource utilization while making sure that an IT team will respond to the requirements of a user. IT outsourcing strikes a balance by assigning an IT support team for a defined group of clients. It also offers you access to top-notch IT experts at affordable rates and provides the extra benefits of scalability and flexibility.

Effective IT outsourcing offered by companies like SpartanTec, Inc. for smaller companies will deliver on the basics of service governance and execution. They can get, configure, install, as well as service laptops, notebooks, and mobile devices. They will monitor your network security round the clock and deal with IT issues right away.


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