Data recoveryCompanies need to start their data recovery planning. The National Hurricane Center revealed that hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. Although experts say that 2021 will be a calmer year, businesses are still at risk of facility damages, data loss, downtime, and other disruptions that are caused by natural disasters like hurricanes.

Whether you’re a large company or a small business, having data recovery services is important. Here are three reasons why companies need a data recovery plan not only during hurricane season but throughout the year.

What is a data recovery plan?

It may appear like it’s unnecessary to set a plan in place for unexpected situations. Always remember that all businesses may come across any kind of natural disaster. Fortunately, you can be prepared by taking proactive steps in mitigating the effects of a natural disaster on your business operations.

A data recovery plan involves a set of procedures and tools that are set in place to help your business recover from unexpected disasters. The plan must include having a list of updated contact information so that employees know what they need to do in the wake of a disaster.



What is a data recovery plan important?

Stay One Step Ahead

In terms of data protection, it’s important to remain one step ahead. As a company owner or executive, you don’t want to lose your data because of a disaster. The appropriate data recovery and backup methods are essential aspects of a disaster recovery plan. You can rest easy knowing that your company data can be retrieved in case something unexpected happens.

Reduce Downtime

The best possible scenario is not having to use your data recovery plan, but when it comes to natural disasters such as the Atlantic hurricane season, there’s a big possibility that your company may experience downtime. It’s crucial to find ways to reduce your downtime. Having a detailed data recovery plan in place lets you reduce your downtime and hasten the resumption of your business operations.

Prevent Damage To Your Reputation

Clients these days expect to have all-around access to data and online services. Companies set a level of expectations in terms of their offered services. Downtime could affect your business negatively by discouraging your clients from doing business with you once again. You don’t want your clients to be dissatisfied with your service and express it through social media or worse, never do business with you again.

Test Your Data Recovery Plan

During hurricane season, you will have little to no time to determine if your data recovery plan has a flaw or not. You must test and update your strategy regularly and look for potential problems, failures, as well as recovery times. Are you sure that you can restore your company information from your backup? You have to locate your problem points and fix them before disaster strikes.

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