co-managed IT servicesBusinesses generally consider three options when determining IT solutions. Generally, there is an internal team or sometimes one employee that is tasked with managing the network. Managed Services has become recognized as an efficient way to handle network management by outsourcing to a team of seasoned professionals who are well versed in multiple technologies and are able to scale as your organization scales. Depending on the size and complexity of the network, there has been a rise in the popularity of Co-Managed IT Services, for those companies that want the tradition of internal staff but want the toolsets of Managed Services. Those services are referred to as Co-Managed IT Services. SpartanTec has a number of clients that utilize their Hybrid model of services, making changes as companies scale up, or in the case of tough times, sometimes down.


Co-Managed IT Services provides organizations with the best of both worlds. Businesses are able to flex with ease. As projects arise, we supply “more hands-on deck” to help your IT staff through data migrations, network configurations, equipment and infrastructure refreshes, or whatever project needs expertise. How better to keep your network stable and safe than using a team of seasoned professionals that can keep your IT Manager from having to answer those after-hour calls.



Co-Managed IT Services Complements Your Internal IT Resources

Our IT support team are experts in our field. Each member brings their own depth of knowledge in their area of expertise. Consider all of the skillsets that we have as a combined team; we provide you with an arsenal of talent and seasoned skill at your disposal. We complement and blend with Internal IT teams easily. Our staff is chosen to work on client projects based on their skillsets and personal interests to ensure the project is done within desired timeframes and within budget.

We learned over time just how valuable our Co-Managed offering was when we were able to make a large positive difference to the technology department’s employee turnover. Their employees worked around the clock fixing Susie’s printer, diagnosing network problems, keeping licenses up to date, making sure patches were coordinated with proprietary systems, etc.  When they were given projects to do with no additional resources, the person in charge of IT and their team started having morale issues. With SpartanTec, Inc. waiting in the wings, ready to help as needed, the company realized they had a true partnership. With after-hours calls decreasing, and workload better managed over additional resources, turnover decreased immediately.

For companies that do not wish to outsource their IT department, Co-managed IT is the perfect fit.

Regulatory Compliance Is No Longer a Dreaded Hassle. Businesses have to ensure that they are compliant with the regulations for their given industry. Outsourcing this function to an IT Team makes perfect sense. We are well versed by nature of our jobs.

Staffing is Less of a Headache. Some companies like to have a representative on staff that is their primary IT resource. Others like to keep a small team. Utilizing the skillsets of an external IT team not only benefits with the combined skillsets that you have in your IT arsenal, but you are now better equipped to be nimble, as necessary.

Less Turnover = Healthier Company Culture.  When your internal IT team doesn’t feel overworked, they feel appreciated. Consider Co-Managed IT and give SpartanTec a try. With the amount of remote work we have these days, cybersecurity is having more and more inroads into our systems that aren’t protected adequately.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now if you want to know more about co-managed IT services and how it can help your business.

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