managed IT services Myrtle BeachWhen you encounter a problem with your IT, your company operations come to a full stop. With the typical break/fix service, you need to wait for something to malfunction before your IT support provider can fix it. For some firms, this solution makes sense even if it means shutting down for a few hours. But have you ever thought about preventing the break from happening in the first place? If you invest in managed IT services Myrtle Beach SC, you’ll be guaranteed peace of mind, less downtime, fewer disruptions, and predictable budgeting.

The IT support provided by SpartanTec, Inc. comes with reliable performance as well as predictable IT expenses. You’ll enjoy more value for money from the technology that you have already spent money on, while cutting back on the costs of IT issues and the downtime. You will be provide with IT solutions that will help minimize disruptions in your company operations and you’ll have the best business practices set in place.



Should you hire or outsource managed IT services?

It’s important to manage your network security and IT infrastructure. But it’s also important to keep the costs manageable. Companies are searching for ways to cut costs on services and products wherever possible, without compromising the services they receive.

Outsourcing your IT support Myrtle Beach SC can help reduce your operating expenses whenever possible. It is worth the cost savings or should you hire an in house IT expert?

An outsourced IT expert is a company that takes on all or part of the IT operations required by a company. The services offered differs between firms. Some companies rely on IT outsourcing companies for all or some of their IT needs. They may also choose one or different IT companies to handle different parts of their IT infrastructure.

The primary different between hiring an IT expert and an outsourced IT professional is the working relationship. A hired employee is exactly what it is while an outsourced expert or company is a contractor.

You need to vet, hire, train, and manage your in house IT professional. While an external IT provider do not need management or training and they possess they needed skills to get the work you need done promptly and correctly. You have to pay your employees by the hour while outsourced experts are paid for the tasks that you hired them to do.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

  1. The annual cost of IT outsourcing is a lot less compared to employing an in-house IT expert.
  2. Your company will take on more tax liability if you hire an inhouse employee while IT outsourcing means you’ll get tax deductions.
  3. You don’t need to provide training and workplace processes and policies if you outsource your IT.
  4. Managed IT services are always ready to assist you. It takes time to hire and train employees but outsourced IT experts can provide you with the immediate IT solution you need.
  5. Your newly hired employees can make expensive mistakes while an outsourced IT expert has the experience to provide you with extensive IT strategies.


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