managed IT servicesIT outsourcing is used by several modern businesses because it helps them implement a part or all of their IT needs. Outsourcing your IT needs means you’ll hire third party companies or contractors to do the IT work compared to hiring an IT team in your company.

Commonly Outsourced IT Services:

There are three ways to outsource your IT needs:

  1. Hire an Managed IT Service company to handle cybersecurity, email and network needs
  2. Hire an employee(s) to handle your IT internally
  3. Use co-managed services to ensure complete coverage

Most IT service companies such as SpartanTec, Inc. will oversee the build, design, and function of the information tasks that you have outsourced. This will make sure that all of your IT requirements are met and you only need to do a few things to manage the IT tasks that you’re left with. However, before you outsource your IT, there are factors you need to consider.

3 Things You Need To Know About

Here are the factors that you have to consider before you decide to outsource some or all of your business IT needs to a third party contractor or another company such as SpartanTec, Inc.

Safety and Security

Before you hire a company or another contractor that offers IT support, you have to first determine the data you’re comfortable to share with the IT resource. Several IT services ask for confidential information about your company’s security and data. You need to know how the IT company plans to protect the data that you provide. This should be clearly stipulated in writing and be sure that the company will uphold its promise.

Operational Control

If you plan to outsource part or all of your IT needs, you will lose some control over specific business functions. For instance, if you work with an IT company that offers customer telephone services, you might feel as if you don’t have any say as to how they talk to your clients. Before you hire an IT outsourcing company, it is crucial to determine exactly how much control and governance you wish to maintain about the operations you’ll be outsourcing and then tell the company you hire about it. This will help make sure that the roles, responsibilities, and expectations you expect from the IT company are understood and met.


You have to be open minded and willing to work out any issues with your IT support so you can establish solutions and agreements that will fix or overcome issues that may come up.

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