cybersecurityJanuary 1st, 2021 is just around the corner. It’s been a tumultuous 2020 and many people are relieved that it has finally come to an end. The new year offers new opportunities and new beginnings, which are also referred to as New Year’s resolutions. These usually short term promises to be much better next year are generally bleak when it comes to the results. As a matter of fact, only 25% of people will get to the new year and still manage to fulfill their resolutions and just 8% still do their best to improve. How does New Year’s resolutions apply to information technology? If you have a business, you need to prioritize its cybersecurity. This is where cyber security assessment services come in.

How To Bad Cyber Security Habits

The first thing you need to remember is to get rid of the bad habits. For people, objectives such as drinking less alcohol or eating less processed foods may be one of their priorities. But these resolutions are generally difficult to follow through, since people are already used to those familiar things. This could be true for companies too. Before end users and cybersecurity Florence SC leaders can make improvements to their outlook for 2021, they have to get rid of the bad habits, even if they’re difficult to do so.



Top 3 Worst IT Practices

Free Wi-Fi may be filled with security challenges such as MitM attacks and network spoofing. Despite all these risk factors, 77% of the users continue to connect to the free public Wi-Fi outside offices.

Using Weak Passwords

A lot of people are using weak passwords because they’re easy to remember. Having said that, they also create almost no barrier between your company and hackers. Getting rid of this old habit for good is one good way of starting off 2021.

Failing to Address Security Blind Spots

A few CISOs consider fatalistic methods when it comes to cybersecurity, which means they believe that a system compromise cannot be prevented and therefore, it’s not worth the resources and time to employ a cybersecurity strategy. This is a huge mistake that you must not do. What you have to do is make sure that your company takes a proactive as well as reactive approach to fill all the security gaps that are made obvious by cybersecurity assessment services.

Goals over Resolutions

One of the reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail is that they focus on promises instead of planning. Objectives, on the other hand, concentrate on reasonable outcomes that are to be accomplished within a certain time frame, allowing companies to correctly assess their success and then adapt to setbacks easily.

You must exercise your IT defense strategy. You have to work on your defensive muscles constantly so you can make sure that your services and networks are not at risk. You can start by considering IT outsourcing when it comes to your cyber security assessment services to determine any network problems and by providing appropriate security training to employees.

You probably want to spend less as well but make sure that you are not compromising your cybersecurity. Tighten up your password restrictions and conduct mandatory software updates every three months to reduce your company’s overall risks.

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