phishingEmail security is the last thing on your mind during the holiday season. However, cybercriminals will exploit this time of year and use it to their advantage. Just as Santa makes his way down your chimney, they use cunning ways to victimize you and it’ll be too late once you realize that you’ve become one of their preys.

What makes an organization vulnerable during this season? A lot of phishing emails look are disguised as legitimate emails from retail companies, banks, and parcel services. They contain links to real looking but fake websites that contain infected links or ask for your personal details.



When your staff gets distracted about the parcels that they’re about to receive, they have higher risks of clicking and downloading links that are infected. A lot of offices operate with a skeleton staff or relief/casual staff, so in case they are not savvy to these cyber scams or you do not have any top quality cybersecurity set in place, there’s a huge chance that these kinds of emails will cause damages to your company.

Why are there a lot of Christmas phishing Wilmington NC scams? There are advanced phishing scams that will take more than a week or even months to detect that you’ve been victimized. You may not even know that you downloaded an infected file until it’s too late and your personal or financial information was already stolen and the damage has been done.

Cybersecurity Tips You Need To Know

  • Data backup is crucial. You have to do this every day.
  • Make sure that the operating systems and all applications are updated.
  • Set up a multi-layered defence program such as web filtering services, cloud based email, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus systems.
  • Your staff computers must have firewall installed. You should also increase the security settings on all internet browsers.
  • The use of iPhones, iPads, USBs and other external devices that are not approved by the company should be limited.
  • Always be vigilant especially when sharing your information online.
  • Never click on unsolicited emails containing executable files such as .exe or .zip files.
  • Keep in mind that a reputable business won’t send an email asking for your personal or financial information.

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