cybersecurityChristmas shoppers will be spending millions as they shop for items to buy online. Whether you’re checking a website using your company network, home connection, or public Wi-Fi connection, cyber scam will always remain as a threat. For the unsuspecting and vulnerable Christmas shoppers, this season is when cybercriminals find their prey. Don’t let these threats to your cybersecurity get in the way of the festivities.

Watch out for these 12 Christmas Cyber Scams

Email Banking Scams – the Christmas season is one of the most expensive time of the year. You may feel disconcerted if you receive an email from your bank during this festive season. Cyber criminals will exploit this and will try to pretend as a financial institution. They will send emails asking you to verify your personal information. Always keep in mind that your bank won’t get in touch with you about your personal data, so it’s better to call your bank first if you are concerned.



Phishing scams – a lot of people fall for a phishing scam. During this time of the year, firms send countless emails in a last ditch effort to promote their products or services this season. Phishing scammers send out legitimate looking emails that will infect your computer, smartphone, or other device when clicked. Be sure to open emails that were sent by a legitimate source. Don’t click on a link that does not appear legitimate and in case an email promotes an offer that’s just too good to be true then it probably is.

Public Wi-Fi Scams – are you doing some last minute Christmas shopping and stopped for a few minutes to check your email? You need to be careful if you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. Don’t share your data and files with others on the network and be sure to visit websites that have an HTTPS protocol.

Fake Free Wi-Fi – if you are trying to log into a network that asks for credit card or personal details, stop. Some Wi-Fi networks in public spaces seem to be free but in return they may ask you for your personal information. These are cybercriminals trying to steal your data.

Fake Updates – Be careful of shareable content that is infected with malware. Cybercriminals embed a malware infection on videos, images, and articles. If you send them to your contacts, their devices too will be infected.

Ransomware Viruses – This type of infection will encrypt documents and files that are stored on your device, asking for payment for their release. With phishing scams, you need to be careful win downloading or clicking content from an unknown source.

Unsecured Websites - There are websites that don’t offer a secure connection when they ask for your credit card or personal details. They may not be intentional but it’s better to be vigilant when giving out your personal information.

News Scamscybercriminals will exploit major world news to fool unsuspecting people for their money. They make fake websites and scam emails asking for donations. The websites and emails may seem genuine but be sure to double check first before making any donations.

Fake Virus Checker – you need to install an anti-virus system. But be careful of pop up messages offering a free virus check. They won’t check for infectious files in your device but rather infect it with one.

Phone Scams – cybercriminals may also contact you through the phone. If you get a call saying they’re from your bank, make sure to ask for their credentials first. Don’t be fooled into giving out your personal information.

Internet Surfing Scams – cybercriminals can add malware to almost anything such as links, videos, images, ads, and websites. If you are surfing the internet and you come across something that does not look right then don’t click on it.

Cracked Downloads – devices like laptops are popular gifts during Christmas. Don’t be tempted to install cracked and pirated software. They are not only illegal but they may also be infected with malware.

Cybersecurity Columbia SC is a growing issue not only during Christmas but throughout the entire year. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let us help protect your network and devices from cybercriminals.

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