cybersecurity2021 is just a few months away. What will the cybersecurity landscape look like for businesses? What will be the main considerations, risks, and focuses for the New Year for cybersecurity professionals and leaders. Here’s a list of top 7 cybersecurity predictions that may affect cybersecurity experts and enterprises.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

Remote Workers Will Be The Target of Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals will follow users and attack them by exploiting their habits and behaviors. Cybercriminals made the most out of the disruption caused when employees were given stay at home orders and the changes made to how they use their devices and technology. Hackers launched various attacks including ransomware, vishing, and phishing, all of which targeted the gaps in the security postures of companies, since many of them were not prepared to have a secure remote workforce.

VPNs and other Legacy Security Architectures Are Expected to Be The Weak Link

To improve the remote operations quickly while following the stay at home orders, a lot of companies considered legacy security architectures such as VNPs as their best solution for remote work. Unfortunately, VPNs are not long term solutions since they can hinder productivity, introduce latency, hard to scale, and can provide employees with too much access to a company’s internal resources. VPNS can also be exploited by cybercriminals.



CISOs and CSOs Will Search For Convergence In Security Solutions

IT spending dropped in 2020 and this will continue next year. Despite the lack of budget, security leaders still have to close the online transformation gap in their companies. Because of that, simplicity and convergence will be important. CIO/CISO/CSOs will go for technologies that include several services into a single platform in order to have a bigger cost savings.

Data Breach In The Health Sector Will Be Deadly

The health care industry is working double time to fight the pandemic but they also faced massive financial strains. Despite everything they’re going through, cybercriminals will continue to target health care providers and hospitals through ransomware attacks so they can’t provide care to their patients.

More Attacks Coming To Financial Sector

Companies offering financial services must be careful and step up their cybersecurity Wilmington NC efforts. Cybercriminals will continue to target financial data including banking details and social security numbers. That’s why financial organizations must be proactive in protecting their data.

COVID-19 Will Force More Companies To Enter The Digital Sphere

The global pandemic has forced industries and organizations to accelerate their efforts in digital transformation. Remote work as well as other technological transformations that were brought on by the stay at home orders will continue even when the pandemic is over. They will offer companies more cost savings, flexibility, and edge.

New Technologies Rise, More People Will Be At Risk of Data Exposure

There will be more internet users in the coming year and most of the companies will continue have their employees work remotely. These trends mean there will also be an increase in the number of people and organizations that are at risk of data exposure.

Companies are relying on their IT systems more than ever. With more than half of businesses offering some capacity for remote work, they are using virtual desktops, accessing common drives online and connecting via video conferencing to achieve this.

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