Co-Managed IT ServicesCompanies across the world spent as much as $4 trillion on IT back in 2019. As businesses become more digitally focused, they struggle to remain on top of the newest technology as well as IT security. For small and medium businesses, this difficulty is intense because the investments required to keep this service level is rising. That's why Co-Managed IT Services is extremely important.

However, organizations cannot ignore how important technology is. A company has to exist online in order to look for and get in touch with clients. It must effectively and confidently protect the company’s and the client’s data. Developing quality cybersecurity protocols becomes important, and that means you cannot neglect cybersecurity at all. If you have a limited budget, maintaining an in-house IT staff isn’t possible. But you need to have an IT staff that you can depend on to take care of the daily responsibilities and upkeep of all the changes as well as strategic thinking needed for a very successful IT team. For many firms, IT outsourcing is still the best solution. SpartanTec, Inc. can provide a hybrid option, which is called co-managed IT.



What is Co-Managed IT?

When people begin building their IT teams, they usually find themselves dealing with two primary proposals.

  1. Building an in-house team
  2. Outsourcing their IT management to a third party company.

But these two are not your only options. Co-managed IT Services Wilmington NC is a combination of both worlds. It creates a team that depend on in-house staff who are integrated with your company’s vision. With external help, firms have a better to opportunity to make the most out of today’s technology, because it’s the outside vendor who will have to remain updated. The outside vendor will also be tasked to manage the costs of hiring and maintaining a robust IT team for better information security.

What are the benefits of co-managed IT services?

Filling internal gaps – IT outsourcing, whether part or all of your IT to an MSP can help in filling potential gaps in your company’s infrastructure or personnel.

Improve information security – businesses nowadays must have a secure IT so you’re less likely to deal with security breach that ends up costing your firm talent, time, and financial resources. With the help of SpartanTec, Inc., you can remain updated on the newest development and advancements in network security which could be difficult for SMBs to stay updated on independently.

Access to new technology without the need to make upfront investmentIT experts offer access to the most recent technology with minimal upfront investment. By partnering with a professional managed IT services provider, you can keep those upfront fees down.

Round the clock IT support – Working with a third party vendor such as SpartanTec, Inc. can offer you IT support around the clock to make sure that your business remains productive.

What are the co-managed IT approaches?

There are three main strategies to co-managed IT approaches. It provides assistance for low-level IT tasks, mid level tasks, and high level tasks. A third party IT management service provider can provide remote support or run a help desk.

Managed IT services providers can also help in the management of firewalls and services, strategy development, as well as IT project management planning.


Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and work with an IT team that you can trust to make sure that your equipment is kept secure while improving your IT capabilities.


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