network performanceIT experts monitor your network’s legacy systems and policies. These professionals deal with its upkeep and make sure that it doesn’t cause any interruption that may affect business operations. You can keep your network healthy through different solutions that are available in the marketplace. Third party, enterprise level, open source, or freeware solutions offers insights into your system’s behaviour.

But just like any solution, the installation of a tool doesn’t guarantee that you’re using it in the best possible way. Fortunately, you can maximize the efficiency of the network monitoring solution and streamline its execution.

5 Things To Ensure Correct And Successful Implementation of Your Network Monitoring Product

  1. Assess The Network Performance Levels

If you want to know how you prefer your network to operate, you should determine the network performance levels first. It’s crucial to define what you consider as normal for your network. You have to know what you believe is the infrastructure’s acceptable working condition before you implement a software that will monitor your network. This will help you determine the appropriate thresholds for your network. You can perform network tests on several components such as firewalls, routers, and switches, to name a few.



  1. Conduct Network Device Discovery

You need to know what your network contains if you wish to monitor it effectively. Identify what devices you have in your network and where they’re located. You can use a software that maps your network so you can arrange the devices and create relevant connections. Network mapping is important in understanding your network’s health. It offers you a visual inventory of the devices within your infrastructure and how they’re doing.

  1. Identify What Information To Monitor

The majority of network monitoring software depends on Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP to take crucial information about a certain device. You can poll certain performance stats using an SNMP Management Information Base. By using a network monitoring software, you will be able to make custom probes that lets you boost your monitoring abilities by getting nonstandard information.

  1. Allow SNMP and Flow Capture on Your Network Devices

SNMP is considered to be an effective way of getting network performance Columbia SC statistics from network devices. You have to configure the core infrastructure like firewalls, routers, and switches in order to support the SNMP. It will enable you to monitor the network effectively.

Before you configure the SNMP, check if the network monitoring product supports the different version of the protocol. Think of using the SNMPv3 to secure your network.

  1. Determine Who Will Get The Alerts

After completing the four initial steps, the next thing you have to do is to set up the alerts and determine who will get the alerts in case a problem arises. You have to determine the internal altering policies by knowing who will get the notifications. Is it your network engineer, NOC, or IT admin? Then determine how the notification will be distributed. This would help you determine the next steps in possible troubleshooting process or escalation procedure according to the severity as well as service level agreements.


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