SD-WANOver the past few years, the digital revolution changed how companies do business. More companies use video conferencing and ISP-provided services to communicate with their employees and clients. Furthermore, enterprises can accommodate more devices, thanks to the introduction of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) age. Nowadays, businesses operate at a faster rate. Because of this, WAN or wide area networks and IT teams face more pressure as the increase in data volume causes network bottlenecks. So, how can you ease the network congestion?

Tips To Ease Network Bottlenecks

Check The Sources of Traffic

You have to assess the source of the traffic. Are the extra laptops and mobile phones causing the bottleneck? Does your company regularly upload video files, CAD drawings, or large PDF files? You’ll get all the details you need to make changes once you determine the sources of the network congestion.



Educate Your Employees

There are many reasons why analyzing the sources of traffic is important. It lets you know which areas of your business you can scale back. Find out how many of your employees are streaming music, using social media, shopping online, or watching videos. Create a guideline on internet use and educate your staff on how non-business related online activities affect your network performance.

Diversify The Routes

Imagine yourself getting stuck in traffic. It’s frustrating, right? You’ll feel even more stressed if there’s no alternative route. Think of switching from Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to a hybrid environment that use a public network and MPLS networks. With this, you can use your main network for more important matters and channel other traffic on a different internet connection.

Prioritize Network Traffic

Even if you don’t add new routes or switch to hybrid, you can use advanced switching and other advanced technologies to control the flow of network traffic. Advanced switching lets you prioritize the traffic to improve the service quality and network speed. You can also switch to SD-WAN Myrtle Beach SC.


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