network performanceHaving a network performance that’s flawless means improved productivity and efficiency. The math is a bit straightforward. Making necessary changes to boost your network performance is key to boosting your overall productivity as well.

There are a lot of tools, techniques, policies, and measures that could be applied to provide the network the boost and enhancement it needs to improve its performance.



How To Improve Network Performance

Consider Using The Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

A virtual local area network makes the broadcasting domain by dividing a physical network that exists into different logistical networks. This will make sure that through a set of devices that are located in various LAN segments, they can communicate as though they’re on the exact same wire. Therefore, creating a chance for the network components and resources to be divided and isolated in a network within the data link layer. Consequently, an office will reap the many benefits of operating multiple networks in a single network, without having to rewire the office. Mainly, this means that office work could be prioritized on a certain computer network, and those that are considered to be the most crucial traffic could be segmented away from tasks that are not crucial or time sensitive, providing room for the seamless flow of data within your network.

Apart from that, VLANs don’t just boost network improvisation according to the effective traffic management. However, it can also boost network security by serving as a barrier between the uncompromised segments and compromised network segment.

Offer A Different Network For Visitors

If you have too many users in your network it’s like having too many cars in the road. This means there’s a higher chance of encountering a traffic jam, and when that happens, the cars will move slowly. Similarly, having poor network performance Fayetteville NC could be a consequence of having a lot of users on your network. Having at least one guests at an office lobby watching videos online, may not be a problem. However, if it’s a company with hundreds of guests all the time, that will probably lead to a network slowdown. Create a guest network so that the chances of having a slow network is crucial.

Data Compression

Bandwidth limitation is not something that is new when it comes to network management. Before, networks have some spare bandwidths. However, the rising needs like data recovery, company growth, and increasing network infrastructure, which results into more staff users, which uses up all the bandwidth. As a result, bandwidth limitation is almost never unavoidable. Data compression could be a great solution. It can help to reduce the size of the files that are being transmitted in your network, which will help increase the speed of your network. Consider IT outsourcing and let IT experts deal with this problem.

Update and Upgrade As Necessary

Replace old software with new ones that work well with the latest technology. It is also crucial to update the component firmware and software. Cabled internet is no longer recommended so you might want to consider upgrading to fiber internet.

Use Monitoring Tools

Network monitoring tools exist to improve network management. With network monitoring tools, you will have a detailed analysis and insight on the reasons behind network errors and their sources, thereby getting rid of the downtime experienced when attempting to look for the source of the problem. Aside from our Co-managed IT services, SpartanTec, Inc. has tools to assist with network performance , monitoring, and wide area network issues.


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