SD-WANDo you have employees who are working from different locations? Is your company taking on more cloud services or perhaps switching to a multi-cloud or hybrid strategy? Are looking for effective means of controlling your bandwidth costs? Are you struggling with slow applications and connections, as well as outage and network congestions? Do you need more control of your network traffic and better visibility? If your answers are all yes then you need a software defined wide area network or SD-WAN.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software defined approach to the management of WAN. It can dynamically and cleverly optimize the flow of traffic according to your business needs by identifying applications as well as monitoring your networks real time. This process is the opposite of Multiprotocol Label Switching, which channels traffic through predetermined and static rules?

What are the Benefits of Using SD-WAN?

  1. Improved Application and Network Performance

The business IT environment these days has changed significantly, with a rising number of companies turning to cloud services. The problem is conventional WAN models aren’t made to take on the enormous network traffic trying to access the various computer services in the cloud. This leads to outage, network congestion, as well as application performance problems, which could negatively affect company revenue and staff productivity.

Meanwhile, SD-WAN is made to provide full support to both on-premises and cloud applications. Thanks to its dynamic traffic routing, control, visibility, and analytics, SD-WAN Fayetteville NC can optimize the performance of all the apps regardless of where they’re hosted. Aside from that, because SD-WAN can detect applications, it could prioritize those that are latency sensitive like video chat and voice.

  1. Application Availability

SD-WAN can effortlessly make the most out of WAN transport services like broadband, MPLS, as well as 4G LTE or Long-Term Evolution. So if a single transport service fails, SD-WAN could move traffic to others that are available, which boosts application availability. Highly advanced SD-WAN platforms could use several WAN transport services to bring traffic for one session.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

The network traffic today has performance requirements that are extremely unpredictable. This could be a problem with the fixed level of bandwidth that’s provided by the MPLS connection, which will force firms to lease a legacy MPLS connection for their expected traffic load situations. That’s why there could be many times that costly bandwidth is not used. In case you are adding another site, you have to add a different dedicated MPLS circuit. This needs investment and installation of physical devices. So, if there’s a drop in your bandwidth requirements, you will be stuck with an unused hardware. With SD-WAN, there’ll be a centralized management of SD-WAN, letting you add or close down a business site and just pay for what you are using. You do not even need to send IT experts over to your business sites for buying physical devices or provisioning for traffic management because you can do these remotely through a software.

  1. Security

It will be easier to add security protocols, solutions, and policies as well as check network traffic across several sites real time. This is different from the conventional WAN solutions that take care of security using different hardware at every branch office. SD-WAN lets you segment traffic as well as create tailored security methods for ever segment.

  1. Return on Investment

You will achieve ROI must faster if you use SD-WAN. It also offers cheaper implementation costs because you don’t need to purchase different physical network devices for every branch. You can also bring a brand new site online in just a few minutes, without sending an IT specialist on site.


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