SD-WANThe most popular WAN technology for businesses is the Multiprotocol Label Switching, especially for enterprises with several remote sites. It is fast, widely accessible, and reliable. But it can also be costly when your business expands. These are among the many reasons why a lot of companies are opting for Software-Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN, as their main connectivity solution.

Different Types of SD-WAN

  1. On-prem SD-WAN – deployed solely on premises. It is cheaper than other SD-WAN architectures because it can only create connections between remote sites. This is an ideal option for companies that host most of their business applications in a local area.
  2. Cloud-Enabled SD-WAN – can use cloud gateways for communication between cloud applications. This can include anything from your office applications to your cloud based CRM software.
  3. Cloud Enabled Plus Backbone – it capitalizes on the nearest point of presence of a service provider. This could be the fiber optic line that could provide your company network with a significant performance boost.



Benefits of Using SD-WAN

  1. Streamlined Network Management – SD-WAN Columbia SC can decouple traffic management, the monitoring, as well as the management plain from the hardware. There’s no need to use certain hardware or software components in every remote site. All that you need will be added into centralized and policy driven management interface.
  2. Tailored to Your IT Infrastructure - SD-WAN, particularly the solutions that are cloud enabled, can be customized to the specific IT needs of your organization. The bandwidth could also be decreased or increased on demand – ensuring important applications have access to the network resources even if the loads keep on fluctuating.
  3. Increased Performance – another important selling point of the SD-WAN services is the improved agility and network performance. SD-WAN can move your traffic through the most reliable and fastest connection automatically, the most common network concerns such as latency and jitter are reduced significantly.
  4. End to End Encryption – Firms that forward the WAN traffic through the MPLS have a tendency to concentrate their security policies toward a corporate and centralized data center. But with SD-WAN, all of the end points will be covered with end to end encryption. You can also create user accounts, edit them, and even remove them from one management plane. All these make it simple to control the access privileges of partners, guests, employees, etc.
  5. Network Reliability – An SD-WAN solution can identify outages and even cause a failover that will switch sessions to a different connection at once. This will make sure that your core business will not be disrupted in case of blackouts or brownouts in your area.


Regardless of how big your company is, SD-WAN solution is an investment that you won’t regret. It is not only flexible and cost effective but also gives your company a step up when it comes to east of management, scalability, security, and performance. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now for more information.


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