SD-WANToday’s workforce has become increasingly mobile and companies have branched out as they grow their business, SD-WAN or software defined wide area networks are now very popular when it comes to networking’s evolution. By including the benefits of SDN to conventional networks that are hardware based and router centric, SD-WAN provides companies with improved agility, performance, scalability, and flexibility.

But, with all of the benefits SD-WAN can provide, it also paves the way for another list of security problems. Here you’ll learn how to avoid those threats and how to make the most out of your SD-WAN.

SD-WAN Security Issues

SD-WAN allows users who are in branch offices to connect to the network of the company remotely using a large web of devices that are connected online, which adds another level of complexity to the network security. Even if just one entry point is left unsecured, this could lead to a security breach.



Although most SD-WAN Fayetteville NC services are offered with unique security features, they must not be used as a single solution for network security. To know what security features should be added to your network, you have to know what’s included in the SD-WAN solution you got. If you don’t what safe and what’s not, it’ll be very easy to leave your network and your security exposed.

SD-WAN Security Features

The majority of SD-WAN only provide a few features that could give a base for your network security. Although they do not account for an in-depth comprehensive security, they are important when it comes to mitigating risks.

VPNs and Traffic Encryption

With so many users and devices connected in a company network, the possible attack surface of a certain data that is being transmitted is increased. A lot of software defined network solutions are integrated with a 128 and 256 bit AES encryption as well as an IPsec or Internet Protocol Safety VPN. These prevent any unauthorized access to your network and guarantee compliance.


SD-WAN microsegmentation lets admins segment traffic based on application characteristics as well as network policies. Segmenting virtual networks within the overlay of the SD-WAN will prevent traffic coming from a less safe location from compromising segments that have more confidential information.

Threat Intelligence

A lot of SD-WAN service providers provide access to services such as threat intelligence that could immediately identify and get rid of a few security threats. A few of these services have now added artificial intelligence in their products in order to tell possible breaches to security by pinpointing suspicious patterns in the network traffic.

How Improve SD-WAN Security?

Basic SD-WAN security offers protection however companies have to take extra precaution to make sure that the threats could be identified and eliminated properly. When you know what security solutions come with your SD-WAN product, the next thing you need to do is determine what security tools you need to cover the gaps. A few of the solutions you require to optimize the security of your network that’s software defined. These include SSL inspection, next generation firewall, regular patches and system updates.

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