SD-WANSD-WAN offers a lot of benefits to businesses such as lower costs, security, agility, and stronger performance. But, before you could enjoy this, you have to get pass the confusion involved when choosing the right service.

There are several options when it comes to SD-WAN technology. The growing demand from companies have led to several new vendors joining the industry.

Criteria When Choosing SD-WAN Providers


Cloud adoption rose by 15% back in 2018 and reached record highs. It also showed no signs of slowing down. An average company uses a lot of unique cloud services for apps, platforms, and services. Enterprises are embracing managed SD-WAN in order to optimize the performance of several cloud and physical environments.



The best providers of SD-WAN Wilmington NC do not just assist their clients in the deployment of cloud based tools that can be used for networking. The most suitable vendor will help their clients build better networking and WANs strategies in the cloud and on-premises. Reliable SD-WAN providers will help their clients reach long term organization of components like extensibility and network security.

Total Cost of Ownership

Most SD-WAN solutions offer instant ROI. Businesses might notice immediate resource savings that are based on simpler administration tasks as well as better workload performance. Compared to other options like SD-WAN or WAN solutions are more likely to provide hard and soft cost savings through several factors such as increased agility, fewer data bottlenecks, improved network visibility, as well as lighter IT support workloads.

Evaluate how a specific solution will offer cost savings across these components such as savings on firewalls and other security safeguards, IT time savings on management, updates, configuration, and provisioning, monthly subscription costs, as well as estimated network savings.

Ease Deployment

Although provider processes differ, an in-depth SD-WAN solution will be built according to a comprehensive analysis of your requirements. The SD-WAN service provider must offer a well-defined on-boarding process for customers to design the right sized deployments based on the budget, anticipated WAN usage, workload patterns, premises as well as cloud apps, and services, number of users, and quantity of the remote sites.

Ease of Management

Although a centralized and intuitive administration portal is a feature that defines SD-WAN technologies, you do not have a guarantee that you’ll get ease of management. You may be able to get access to a user friendly graphical user interface, however, the incorrect solution will not make it easier and simpler to optimize the network performance.


The pricing structure for SD-WAN services vary between providers. Make sure to find a solution that fits your budget. However, you should also consider the pricing model of the provider and if it makes sense. Leading service providers will most likely cost more than those that offer limited support and features. Find out how providers can meet your set budget and objectives according to potential value provided through engineering expertise, enhanced support, and 24/7 monitoring.


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