Managed IT servicesA break fix model is an IT service that’s given and billed on whenever it’s needed. It is not an ongoing service that requires a fixed monthly payment. The transformation in the digital space has continued to change how small and medium businesses handle their IT infrastructure.

How often new technologies come up continue to affect the break fix operating model since more companies choose to hire managed IT services.

You only have to check MSPs projected market growth to notice this rapid disruption. It is expected to reach nearly $300 billion globally in 2023. As firms try to grapple with the complexity of IT infrastructure, the break/fix model no longer works. Why?

Many small and medium business that has limited in house IT team do not have or do not want to spend their resources just so they could stay updated with the most recent technologies while upgrading and maintaining their on-premise systems and networks.



SpartanTec, Inc. has dedicated IT teams who will make sure that their clients can make the most out of their new technology to boost productivity and cut back on their expenditure on IT infrastructure every year.

Break/Fix Vs. Managed IT Services

The break/fix model is a reactive approach when it comes to maintaining one’s IT infrastructure. The firm will only work with external IT experts in case of an IT problem or when their in house IT professionals are unable to fix the issue. The company will have to settle the bill once the issue is resolved. This as per required method has no ongoing expenses and does not require a monthly agreement.

Meanwhile, managed IT services Florence SC are offered for a fixed monthly fee and is based on an SLA or Service Level Agreement. They will monitor the networks and devices using remote access tools and take care of any issues. Other services may be included in the contract but this will depend on the nature of IT operations of the company in question.

Problems with Break/Fix Model

  1. Companies don’t have a real control over the costs of the IT services.
  2. It does not incentivize IT service providers to invest in the digital infrastructure or network of the company.
  3. Providers of the break/fix model does not offer a certain response and repair time.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  1. With managed IT services, you and the IT company you hired can define and specify the requirements in the contract clearly.
  2. Organizations can regain control over their IT expenses, which means budgeting will be predictable and consistent.
  3. The provider of managed IT services will monitor your IT system proactively.
  4. Problems can be resolved well before the client knows about it and before it turns into a huge concern.
  5. MSPs will respond to any incident immediately and effectively.
  6. MSPs will make sure that your network and systems work smoothly and they will only send an IT engineer to your establishment as final resort.
  7. MSPs will help create an effective digital strategy method and align their objectives with the company’s operations.


Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let our team of IT experts improve your business functions and manage your networks to further your company’s strategic objectives instead of operating on a one-and-done basis.


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