cybersecurityThe cybersecurity industry has been around for more than three decades. There has been a lot of changes during these years in terms of the industry dynamics as well as the technological innovations.

These days, there’s an exponential growth happening in the cybersecurity industry. The latter continues to define itself with the development and evolution of new and diverse online threats. Even though there’s a tendency to put the charge on technology, online threats have become extremely diversified. In order to deal with such online threats, companies need cybersecurity professionals who also possess diversified skill sets.

Cybersecurity Experts In Transition

According to the incident’s nature, cybersecurity professionals, which almost always include network security experts and computer engineers, also include investigators with varying expertise, lawyers, communicators, and writers. In case the attack comes with a political agenda, human rights activists, business activists, as well as journalists may also be involved. In case a critical and confidential business email is believed to have been compromised, an internal employee communication specialist may be involved.

These days, a bug in a specific application software may include up to 100 IT experts working to deal with that bug. Each one of them contributes to lower the risk and to guarantee immunity from future threat. This goes to show the extent of the diversity of the cybersecurity industry.



Hiring Reliable Cybersecurity Experts

There are to primary aspects in finding the best candidate. The first one is the skill set, which includes legal analysis and coding. The second aspect includes strategic and instinctive sensibilities that come naturally to people. Additionally, expanding the needed pool of expertise while hiring is going to cover a bigger area in identifying and fighting cyber threats. Whatever your hiring strategy is, it’s crucial to make sure that you have a diversified team of cybersecurity experts or may also consider IT outsourcing.

The Skills Gap

There’s a shortage of cybersecurity expert today. They’re difficult to find and demand a higher salary. On the other hand, there’s a growing number of cybercriminals and their attacks are becoming more complicated by the minute. Most companies these days have a cybersecurity department that is understaffed, which makes the job easier for cybercriminals. Most enterprises, particularly SMEs, can only do little or even nothing to detect, prevent, and respond to cyberattacks. If the gap continues to widen, there will come a time when companies will suffer massive information compromise and data breach that will be costly and time consuming to recover from.


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