cybersecurityIf every member of your IT security team concentrates only on a single small slice of pie, then it’ll be very easy for your enemies to infiltrate all the cracks they could find. How can you stop them?

Nowadays, businesses are comprised of complex interlinked environments that consist of different servers, infrastructure devices, mobile end user devices as well as a range of applications that are hosted in the cloud and on-premises. Unfortunately, conventional cybersecurity teams were not made to deal with these concerns. Cybersecurity teams were initially developed with traditional IT in mind, which includes a certain group of people who are dealing with a certain set of projects and tools.

The enterprise environments have evolved significantly, the siloed method of dealing with cybersecurity is no longer effective. You won’t be able to stop intruders if your security team is focused only on a single aspect of cybersecurity. Listed below are some important steps that need to be taken if you wish to create your own dream team that would usher your business towards the new age of cybersecurity.



Talent Inventory

Before hiring new employees, the chief information security officers have to assess their existing cybersecurity talents and identify the gaps and competencies of every member of their existing IT security team. You need to have people who are creative including those who knows how your enemies think. Successful cybercriminals are inventive and resourceful, and they know how to search for ways to go around your company’s standard security controls. In case the members of your existing security team are just focused on making sure that your current controls are working correctly, then you will eventually suffer a data breach. The attack surface is already massive but still continue to grow every day. Your IT team must always search for any new vulnerability that hackers may try to exploit so they could also create strategies to address problems once they come up.

Consider IT Outsourcing

Retaining or hiring only the best for your cybersecurity team is important in boosting your company’s cyber-resilience. This can be quite difficult especially since the shortage in cybersecurity skills is worsening. You also have the option to train your current staff members on various security skills and providing them with tools that make the most out of artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning. IT outsourcing is another option. It doesn’t matter how you want to assemble your IT team, what’s important is for IT team to understand the needs of your network and business context and help improve your cyber-resilience. They should also have the required tools and skills to protect the company assets while improving their security posture.

Companywide Buy-In

These days, cyberrisk is no longer managed only by the security team. Gartner said that at least 95% of the failures in security until 2022 will be due to human error. This could possibly come from anybody in the company. Every stakeholder in a company including vendors, partners, customers, employees, and C-suite, negatively or positively affect the company’s security, and how the company’s success lives and dies with its cyberresilience.

Cybersecurity is not only a technology issues but also a business concern and that’s why everybody should do their part, according to IT services experts. The CISOs will take on the primary responsibility of making sure that everybody is aligned with their security goals. They must also engage with the company’s board of directors, inform them about the cybersecurity challenges, and make sure they agree and follow with the approaches and objectives to boosting cyberresilience.

Be Proactive and Prioritize Accordingly

Different security approaches concentrate on reactively identifying and addressing attacks. IT teams are oftentimes overwhelmed when attempting to go through alerts. If this is what you do, you’ll always fall behind and you won’t ever get ahead of your enemy. Instead of concentrating more on the efforts on proactively avoiding and predicting data breaches. Your CISOs must allocate a budget as well as team resources that concentrate exclusively on the proactive efforts to boost your company’s security posture. It’s also crucial to install programs that will deal with cybersecurity posture strategically like bastion hosts and two factor authentication.

Add AI to Your IT Team

Humans are unable to go through the countless vulnerabilities to prioritize and monitor for threats. Even the largest IT security team that is comprised of the most skilled IT experts cannot achieve this effectively without the help of artificial intelligence. These tools have become increasingly important for keeping up with the ever changing attack methods used by cybercriminals and the ongoing digital transformation of companies.


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