disaster recoveryOne important document that contains the specifics as to how your company will recover once it gets hit by a disaster is called a disaster recovery plan.

If you are sure that all your staff members are safe following a catastrophe, executing your disaster recovery plan will be the first thing you have to do. A well planned and timely recovery could make all the difference between the survival of your business and bankruptcy.

There are several kinds of catastrophic events. The steps listed below focus on developing a disaster recovery plan that you may use in case you lose your office but not your company’s production capabilities.




Developing A Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Create a list of important jobs.

The first thing you have to do when it comes to developing a disaster recovery Myrtle Beach SC plan is to create a list of all the jobs that need to be relocated to another location so that your business can continue to operate.

Mark with an asterisk or star the critical jobs that will keep your business functioning in case you are in a disaster recovery situation. Examples of critical jobs are accounting personnel and customer service representatives.

  1. Inventory crucial office equipment.

For every employee, you have to list the necessary furniture and office equipment they need to do their jobs. Keep in mind that when disaster strikes, money, time, and space will be at a premium. Focus on the important items like point of sale system, telephone, computer software, computer, desk and chair.

  1. Inventory supporting equipment

Check the necessary office equipment that is utilized behind the scenes. The telephones on the desks of the service representatives have to be connected to the phone network. The computers inside the office should connect to some kind of application or server that will allow it to take orders, ship materials, perform services, create the payroll, or mail the invoices. Check your office and you’ll notice the things that you need to make sure that your business continues to operate. These may include business phone system, data backups, copies of software, backup servers, cash drawer money, and office safe.

  1. Look For Alternative Office Space

Once you’ve got the list of equipment, furniture, and people, what you need next is a physical place where they can do their job. This doesn’t mean you have to rent out another space and leave it empty until disaster strikes. What this simply means is that you should do your research about the alternate areas where you can relocate your office in case disaster strikes.

  1. Insurance and Budget

If you already know where you will put your people, you have to begin purchasing what they need to do their job in case they’ve been destroyed. Estimate the price you need to pay to replace every item from your list of important office equipment. How long you spend on this task will take off days during the recovery process down the road because you already have a list ready for your insurance company.

  1. Share and Store It Offsite

The best disaster recovery plan won’t serve its purpose if it gets burned up in the fire or if it gets lost after a disaster. The best way is to share the disaster recovery plan you created with at least one person from your company and be sure that at least one copy is stored offsite or digitally. Keep copies of any important documents, files, backups, and software using a cloud based service. You can also store them on a hard drive that is stored in a safe place that’s located outside the office.


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