managed IT servicesWhile you are enjoying your holiday season, who is taking care of your network? Even if you are on a holiday, that does not mean you are free from system errors, security breaches, and so on. Provided below are some important things you need to know to make sure that your data is secured while you and your employees take some time off from your business. The number of cyberattacks and cyber threats is growing and because of that, it’s important for businesses to prioritize IT security. It’s time to stop living in denial about a cyberattack and begin taking proactive measures through managed IT services.

As a busy employee or company owner, it’s hard to get full control over all aspects of the business network. You don’t have to stress yourself about a possible security breach because you can always go for IT outsourcing if you want 24/7 monitoring and management of your company’s security systems.

IT services provide monitoring that permit a company to run at full capacity without having to worry about intrusion. Managed IT services include round the clock monitoring and management of threat detection system as well as firewalls, overseeing patch management as well as upgrades, conducting security audits and security assessments, as well as responding to emergencies immediately. IT experts will update you with the status of the audits, security issues, as well as maintenance. In so doing, you can focus more on security governance instead of administrative tasks.



It’s hard for companies, especially small and medium sized businesses to monitor their networks all the time. Fortunately, IT consulting provide continuous monitoring, which means round the clock IT service. This kind of monitoring is not feasible with an in house IT team and it does not offer opportunities for your staff to enjoy that much needed break or vacation.

Instead, company owners like you can rest easy because you know that you have a team that’s updating your security system, adding the most recent patches and firewalls, and making sure that the system is running as smoothly as possible. So, when it is about security, it’s better to be proactive and one of the best ways to be protected is through constant monitoring.

Managed IT services Myrtle Beach SC will help prepare your business for possible cyberattacks. Hackers are becoming much more sophisticated and it’s no long about if a cyberattack will happen but when. Sadly, an increasing number of small businesses have fallen prey to these attacks mainly because hackers know that they have a weak security system. In case an incident is noticed too late, recovering could take a huge toll on your company, putting your sales, customer privacy, and data at risk.

A security contract will help your network keep updated with the growing threats and fix issues as they come up. Working with an IT company like SpartanTec, Inc. makes sure that your network is protected and secured from the attacks. They will help get rid of blind spots using antivirus software, firewall, and several other management tools, and if something comes up, they will do everything they can to stop or keep it from spreading. They will identify which threats are the most critical and dangerous to your network. They will offer real time notification, allowing everybody to take fast action.

Making sure that your company is updated on the most recent security threats and preventive measures may seem impossible. But not with managed IT services. With early protection and threat detection, you can cut back on your security risk and prevent your company from shutting down. With a team of IT experts, you’ll be immediately notified if there’s something that needs to be addressed.

With SpartanTec, Inc., your network will be in good hands. Call now and let our team of IT experts keep your data and business protected 24/7.

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