managed IT servicesRegardless of the business size, whether it’s a big financial firm with more than 500 employees or a small health care office that’s comprised of only 32 personnel, network security is a significant concern, which constantly grows as enterprises start to realize the risks of running unprotected networks. That's why managed IT services are becoming increasingly popular.

Doug, The Nephew Of The Owner’s Brother-In-Law

If businesses begin, they usually save money with the help of a person or a small firm offering IT services to create their first network. This person, in some cases a relative or a friend of a friend, takes a Cat-5 Ethernet cable and links it to a wireless router then to a cable modem. He then ensures that the laptops and desktops could connect to one another and whenever the need comes up, goes to the office to key in the network security key right into the new devices. Even if Doug means really well, office management may probably be his side job or he may not have enough time to stay updated about the many different security threats or even update the firmware of the router when required.



Off-The-Shelf Security Product

Maybe your office manager noticed a product on the store shelf in the office and believed it would be a wonderful idea to have it installed on your business network. It may provide features like Trojan horse /virus scanning, threat scan, or a software firewall to protect the specific device where the program has been installed. Maybe an executive assistant told you a story regarding something she can download, install, and protect against various online threats. Individual mobile devices or computers can still get the protection they need from off the shelf solutions. However, they don’t know your network, topology, switches, routers, as well as other connecting devices. Off the shelf solutions work passively, needing somebody to set off the scans and to make the needed updated to the threat signatures as well as software once somebody thinks of it.

Eastern European Crime Syndicate

Someone, somewhere, at some point may have already scanned your business network. Curious kids and even malicious actors tend to probe computer networks to look for open ports and anything they can find about private and public networks as well as their discovered vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals will then use this data for targeted attacks. These data breaches may use your business network as the main source for launching DOS or denial of service attacks on a particular target. These later attacks, on the other hand, may breach your business network for billing or client information. Nobody wants this to happen. You surely wouldn’t want some script kid or an Eastern European crime syndicate to be watching your network.

Let SpartanTec, Inc. Watch Your Network Security

SpartanTec, Inc., with its reliable managed IT services Wilmington NC has a proven track record when it comes to helping businesses of all sizes when it comes to their IT needs.

With our IT outsourcing services, you will be confident with your answer once someone asks you the question, “who is watching your network security?”

Our IT consulting services take into account your needs, the nature of your business, and your existing network when building flexible solutions that will monitor for online threats proactively.

Our team of IT experts are always updated about the latest products and technologies to provide the most current and the best solutions so you can do your business securely.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let us help protect your business from online threats while making sure that your business operations run as smoothly as possible.

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