IT outsourcingListed here are some of the benefits of IT outsourcing. In the past, your IT department may have been confined in your building’s basement or in a back office. There may have been times when your IT team have asked you to restart your computer in order to fix the problem. These brainiacs most likely had the worst pay, worst hours, and worst office.

In worst cases, they may be treated with hostility and that’s why they would rather get their job done as fast as they can so they could go home as quietly as they could. IT appeared to be totally complicated, inaccessible, and remote. But others didn’t know is that they had all these secret knowledge and power – that having your network and computer systems work seamlessly is one of the reasons that could help your company succeed.

Importance of IT Outsourcing

Slowly, IT services became the focus of the healthcare industry, the government, the free market, the hackers, and the C-suite. IT departments suddenly had an available budget. Not only that, they were also provided with means to turn the usefulness of their department around. They took the spotlight after CEOs realized that their IT department can improve their bottom line.

This implied that you had to look beyond the constraints of the abilities of your IT department and finding useful tools somewhere else. After all, every new software and hardware deployment, including domain and cloud migration, malware protection, may take weeks to implement across your business manually. Plus, it rarely goes smoothly.

The question now is how can a CIO combine the knowledge base possessed by his internal IT guys while remaining abreast of the never ending enhancements in this particular field? Aside from that concern, there’s a need to look for a cost effective method to implement these improvements but continue to maintain the security of their patient data.

Managed IT services is one solution. Over the past few years, IT outsourcing Wilmington NC has finally found much greater acceptance as more and more companies realized the importance of the benefits of IT consulting. Reports show that 74% of companies use some kind of outsourced IT service. IT outsourcing is now more than just web development.



Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Improved Security and Monitoring

Being updated with the technology needed to protect your company is time consuming and expensive. Professional outsourced IT consulting providers work with several clients in different industries and they need to be up to date of the best practices in the industry. A reliable managed IT services provider will be serious when it comes to security against online intrusions like zero day hacks and malware. It is their job to always check and update their cybersecurity measures.

Focus On Core Activities

Regardless of how big your company is, you shouldn’t be dealing with every little IT concern. For firms that depend on inhouse IT consulting, the management team ends up making technical decisions or fixing basic IT issues that may even result into halting business operations. With IT outsourcing, you and your staff can focus on your core tasks.

Stay Updated With New Technologies

No single employee can stay updated with all of the latest technological advancements. Automation and innovation are the pillars of the IT technology. The problem is that no one employee can become an expert on the different IT fields. With IT outsourcing, your company will be able to access a pool resources from your selected vendor like SpartanTec, Inc.

Reducing Cost and Overhead

With everything moving online these days, it’s no surprise that IT spending will increase. This means the amount you will spend on protecting your company and client data will be more than the amount you spent five years ago. But, managed IT services will help drive down other costs. For example, you don’t have to pay high electricity bills because you no longer have to keep the server room cool. Since your IT will be outsourced, you can free up some much needed space, which you can use for other important purposes.

Don’t Forget The Cloud

You’ll also enjoy a lot of benefits if you move your data center to the cloud. It keeps your data secure. It replicates data 24/7, which means you don’t have to worry if an outage happens. Cloud space is also scalable. Plus, using public cloud software and infrastructure can significantly boost the agility of your business and help your company grow.


Managed IT services offer a level of continuity to your business will cutting back on the risk that a subpar level of operation will bring to your company. There’s also no need to hire more staff to operate the new services that are added to your IT platform. You just have to get in touch with your managed IT service provider if you want more storage, processors, or memory.

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