firewallManaging the firewall architecture of your company effectively can mean the difference between becoming one of the many companies to have faced a massive data breach and having an effective layer of protection against cybersecurity breaches. A lot of organizations know that firewalls are a crucial aspect of their network security. However, managed firewall services goes beyond just having one installed.

Rules conflicts, reduced network performance, and gaps in the defense provided are only a few of the consequences of incorrectly managed firewall services. The problem is that a several firms do not have the appropriate resources for in-house firewall management. So, they seek out managed IT service providers for their firewall solutions.

What You Need To Know About Managed Firewall Services




Can Managed Firewall Services Save Me Money?

This is one of the common questions that companies often ask about managed firewall services. Although it’s a natural question, it’s better to ask how much does this kind of service save your company.

In a cost benefit analysis, you have to evaluate the risk of ignoring or using a certain resource or tool. In terms of managed firewall solutions, not using those means higher risk. If you are weighing the cost you need to pay for managed firewall services, it’s best to consider how much you’ll have to cover if you don’t have a properly managed firewall.

You should also consider how much it will cost you to manage your company’s firewalls in-house. Hiring cybersecurity experts is expensive. Plus, there’s a shortage of cybersecurity engineers these days, which means it’s not an employer’s market but a jobseeker’s market.

What Services Do I Get With Managed Firewall Solutions?

If you are thinking of using managed firewall Columbia SC solutions, it’s important to know what kind of services you’ll get. A few types of managed firewall services that an IT company may offer include:

  1. Firewall auditing services – firewalls are audited periodically to check for errors in the configuration and other problems.
  2. Firewall configuration services – find out if the managed IT service provider will help your company select, install, and configure firewalls in order to effectively block malicious traffic.
  3. Firewall monitoring and alerts – firewall monitoring tools will be used to check rule configurations as well as event logs. A process will be followed in alerting you in case a major security event happens like a cybersecurity breach.
  4. Co-managed firewall services – the MSP will work together with your team to supper and train them regarding the finer points of managing firewall services.

What Service Level Agreements Can Be Set For Firewall Management?

SLAs or Service Level Agreements represent your expectations about any type of managed IT security service. You need to know the SLAs that the managed IT service provider can meet like:

  • How often will they check your firewall configuration and modify the rules to take out obsolete policies that conflict with your company workflows and let new ones to defend you against the latest threats?
  • How fast do they inform you about a network breach?
  • How fast do they respond to a cybersecurity breach?

Several top cybersecurity service providers pair their managed firewall solutions with other security solutions like intrusion prevention systems.

Are all managed firewall solution right for my business?

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no one specific solution that fits all kinds of companies wanting to be protected from online threats. If there is problem that many organizations face with managed security services such as firewall management, it’s that only one method is used. This means same solutions, strategies, and configurations are used for all the customers they serve.

A cookie cutter solution will do your company no good. Instead, it’ll leave your network open to cybercriminals. It’s better to seek out an IT company like SpartanTec, Inc. that can offer customized firewall solutions. With this, you’ll get better chances of having optimal protection.

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