email archivingFor most companies, email is now a crucial part of their daily communications and workflow. But many organizations are still left unaware of the importance of email archiving and having a retention strategy.

Who knew the importance of email archiving?

Several professionals from different sectors like the financial and legal sector, are unaware that they have to archive their emails and what could possibly happen if they didn’t set up an archiving system. Other experts know the importance of email archiving and would like to know more about why they need to do so. Here you’ll find a brief overview of email archiving and the key reasons why it’s crucial for your business to come up with an email retention policy.



What is email archiving?

Email archiving is created to store your original emails so you can retrieve them easily especially during daily business operations. Apart from that, archiving helps improve your company’s email security and it could protect your business in case you get involved in any kind of litigation. It also keeps your company compliant to industry standards.

How does email archiving work?

The archive is kept at a different or secondary location and uses an automated system that takes out email message attachments and content from your selected email accounts. The contents will then be converted into an indexed read only format when stored so you can easily look for it using advanced search tools.

What are the additional benefits of email archiving?

Email archiving will free up much needed storage space. It also offers a central location where you could easily access the content of your email. This will help your company in case there’s a legal issue or prevents issues linked with loss of email messages and accidental deletion.

How is email backup different from email archiving?

When trying to understand how an email archive system works, it’s crucial to know how it’s different from email backup and storage. Email archiving will keep will keep all your messages as well as attachments in a certain format that has not been changed with the ability to look for specific messages easily. A basic storage system will just back up email on the server and does not come with search functions as well as a read only unchanged format needed for legal and regulatory examination.

Why archive company email?

  1. To Comply With Statutory Regulations

Every industry sector like healthcare, energy, government, and finance generally face strict compliance regulations. Archiving emails will help you stay compliant to such standards, which usually need data retrieval in its original format.

  1. Offers Litigation Support

Email archiving Columbia SC offers your company the support and protection needed if your organization becomes involved in any kind of legal proceeding. This is generally referred to as litigation discovery, which involves the retrieval and submission of data when requested. Without an email archive system in place, the cost of data retrieval for any legal proceeding could damage your business more financially compared to the litigation itself.

  1. Easy Data Retrieval For Better Business Productivity

Email archiving solutions are made for making the retrieval of your emails a lot easier. This includes the email content and attachments. In case an end user accidentally misplaces or deletes a crucial email, it could be retrieved right away using a good quality email archive system. Once the email is retrieved, the metadata is easily accessed as well. The latter makes it easier to filter through all the data summary in order to find the content you need.

  1. Intellectual Property Protection

Old emails could provide a lot of data about your company but this will depend on the size of your business. With email archiving, you can use insight and data analytics from before to push your business forward.

  1. Knowledge and Storage Management

Because email is a crucial tool for business productivity, you could amass a lot of data in a short span of time. This means cutting back on the server space within your primary storage location as well as compromised performance with company applications.

  1. Cost Management

With an offsite email archiving, you’ll get to lower costs associated with IT maintenance. This holds true when you archive emails using a third party like a cloud service provider. You will be paying a low monthly subscription fee and in return a cloud provider will maintain the email security and service. This will let you use the costs you’ve saved for other essential business initiatives.

  1. Organization Memory Retention

Email archiving can assist you with business continuity once you change employees. When you hire new staff members, they could easily look in the archive for any useful data they otherwise may have missed out. It can also help new employees in familiarizing themselves with customer history, which could assist them in providing better customer service.

  1. Centralized Administration

Rather than archiving emails through a manual procedure, it’s done automatically. Therefore, the end user don’t have to waste their time managing huge amounts of data which is most probably not part of their responsibilities. Email archiving also make sure that the information is managed from a single location, which lowers the chances of accidental loss or deletion because you don’t have any backed up device.

  1. Improved User Security

An email archiving solution can help free up time for your employees to be more productive. It also helps your business to be more efficient in general. Email archiving helps empower your employee by providing them with the tools required to get the email content right away.

  1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Email archiving lets your company store important business data for a long time, which means decreased costs when creating a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

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