spam emailThe objective of this help guide is to explain how emails that come from outside the company is processed. It also aims to describe the tools that you can use for managing your personal spam quarantine. This guide isn’t applicable to internal email messages.

To protect your company from cyberattacks and reduce the risks of getting hundreds of spam messages, all of your incoming email will be filtered by the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway. It is an anti-virus and anti-spam product. Proofpoint is using an advanced technique to make sure that valid emails are not improperly filtered.

How Does Email Filtering Work?

All of the incoming emails are filtered by the Proofpoint Protection Server. Depending on the policies and rules, the messages that has a virus or spam, or those that contain inappropriate content could be “scored” or deleted. In case of spam messages, the email score shows the probability that it is really a spam message. This means an email with a score of 100 means there’s a 100% chance of being spam while a score of 0 means 0% chance of being spam. Messages with high scores are quarantined while those that has a score of below 50% will be sent to your inbox.




What is a Quarantine?

The Quarantine is a place in the server where emails that may be spam are stored temporarily so that you can view and retrieve them if needed. System administrators can search for messages in behalf of the user. You can also review and take action on the quarantined email by using the End User Digest. Emails that have not been released from the Quarantine are deleted automatically after a certain period.

What is the End User Digest?

An end user digest is an email notification that says your email has been sent to the quarantine. The digest will give you a list of emails addressed to you that are kept in the Quarantine. You could check the message subject headers to get an idea of what the content is and decide what you want to do with the email. It’s also possible to receive an empty digest, which simply means no messages where stored in the Quarantine. It’s best if you still receive a Digest even if it does not contain anything so you could manage specific aspects of your email.

How To Use The Digest?

The Digest will give you the list of all the spam Fayetteville NC that has been kept in the quarantine for your account since the last update. You’ll see a list and columns that show the subject, sender, as well as the time when the email was received. Separate links are also available for completing an action on very email message.

  1. Release – release the email from the Quarantine. The message will then be sent back to your normal email inbox.
  2. Safelist – the email is released from the Quarantine to your inbox. The sender will also be added to the personal Safe Senders list, which means future emails coming from this specific lender will no longer be evaluated for spam.
  3. Report – tells you that the email received was a false positive and shouldn’t have been tagged as spam. More training is done to make sure that similar messages won’t be caught as spam next time.

Additional functionality is provided by the other links in the Digest. They aren’t related to the messages in quarantine. These include:

  • Request New End User Digest
  • Request Safe/Blocked Senders List
  • Manage My Account

Other Features Available For Account Management

You’ll have access to a different web interface that lets you manage safe and blocked senders list through the Manage My Account link. It also lets you change the language interface and modify your preferences.

Options under the account management page include:

  • Profile – settings and language preferences
  • Lists – tools to manage safe and blocked lists

Links Under Profile Option

  1. Save
  2. Request Digest
  3. Refresh

Settings Under Profile Option

  1. Send digest with new messages
  2. Send digest regardless if new messages are in quarantine or not.
  3. Preferred language
  4. Preferred type of spam detection


Lists Options To Manage MyAccount

It displays the safe and the blocked senders list where you could manage your list of safe and blocked senders.

Links Under Lists Options

  • New
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Select all
  • Unselect all
  • Request digest
  • Refresh

Safe Senders List:

Email sent from domains or addresses that are listed on the safe senders list won’t be filtered for spam but will be checked for viruses.

Blocked Senders List:

Emails coming from addresses or domains on the blocked list will be discarded immediately and you won’t receive messages from them in the future.

Warning Messages

When you click on the links in the Digest, you will see an invalid Certificate warning message.

Deleting Messages in the Quarantine

You don’t have to delete messages in the quarantine. Emails that are not released from the Quarantine are deleted automatically after 14 days.

False Positive

It is an email that was incorrectly tagged as spam. In case an email message has been identified as spam but came from a legitimate sender can be reported as a false positive.

False Negative

A false negative has been incorrectly identified as not spam can be reported as a false negative.

Spam Policy

A spam policy determines how to handle the spam sent to you. For instance, your spam could be quarantined or deleted. You can choose your own spam policy only if you have access to Manage My Account.

Audit Messages Section In The Digest

It is a section that comes up in the Digest to show that are you are a member of a group that is allowed to audit messages. As a member of a spam reporting group, you can help improve the process involved in identifying spam by reporting false negatives for further checking.


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