email encryptionDuring the earlier days of email, computer users welcomed the new technology due to the freedom it offered. You can say anything you want regarding any topic and at any length. But when the world came to realize that these email messages lived on forever, the importance of protecting the integrity and security of all online correspondence through email encryption became much more prevalent.

These days, there’s a growing need for email security. If your company is sued, you will be required by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to provide the electronic communication be produced as evidence within 99 days. And based on the kind of industry you’re in, the government may require other specific protocols.

Dealing with the IT stresses of these requirements and regulations could be onerous for SMBs, which are always facing constraints in both resources and time. That’s the reason why strong email security services are important, especially when they include all the bases such as rapid discovery, access, recovery, and archiving.

Apart from that, because electronic communications are essential for most businesses, an in-depth email solution must include:

  1. Required encryption to protect sensitive information from disclosure.

This will satisfy the privacy needs of your business and clients. It will also keep you compliant with state and federal regulations while, when adhered to properly, will protect you from possible penalties and legal action.

  1. Automated administrative processes that will presecreen communications.

Since basic content filters will not catch everything, and even if they can, they are most likely not that well-versed when it comes to the languages of certain industries.

  1. Evolving functionality to meet your company’s mobility needs.

The staff of small to medium-sized businesses average about three devices for each individual. It will need a fresh approach to meet those needs so that your staff could remain connected, anywhere and anytime, while still retaining the needed security levels.

  1. Strong search and archiving functionality

Some practices could be subpoenaed or audited regularly, requiring that all emails sent within a specific period should be produced when necessary. This means you need to have email encryption Fayetteville NC. Your email should also be protected, searchable, and archived.


Are you worried that your email is not as safe as it is supposed to be? Are you concerned that it doesn’t meet industry, state, and federal regulations? Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and know more about our email security solutions.


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